Monster Hunter: World is bringing the new Elder Dragon in a big update, which also brings a new hunting strategy and more rewards.

'Monster Hunter: World' Welcomes Another Elder Dragon

According to Capcom's blog post, the end of the investigations of Elder Dragons Nergigante and Zorah Magdaros cleared the path for Kulve Taroth to rise.

"Cloaked in a heavy golden mantle, this dazzling threat is fast approaching and it's up to you and your Hunting Squad to work together and repel it at all costs," the announcement reads.

Kulve Taroth's tremendous arrival requires hunters to work a new strategy. The new quest type called Siege invites 16 players in the Gathering Hub to form four teams of four players each. Each team can fight the same Kulve Taroth and contribute to the quest progress. Every one of the 16 players will cooperate to reap greater rewards.

Capcom further warns that SOS Flares will be disabled and that the game mode balance remains unchanged irrespective of the party size.

The first hunt for the Kulve Taroth starts on April 18 at 5 p.m. PT or 8 p.m. ET.

New Armors And Loot System

The quest's main goal is to thwart Kulve Taroth, but players can take advantage of it by collecting some materials. The Elder Dragon's golden mantle is apparently made of weapon relics from all over the New World.

Capcom did not reveal the type and stats of the weapons because it's unknown where the Elder Dragon has obtained these. It looks to be that the relics are completely random, given from parts of the Elder Dragon and according to inflicted damage.

In addition to the loot system, Smithy has blueprints for new armors ready. Players can gather materials from the Elder Dragon and craft α and β Kulve Taroth armor sets from them.

Capcom is also releasing a Layered Armor Set that can be worn on top of an armor set which will then change in appearance.

The Kulve Taroth Siege is taking place on the new area of Caverns of El Dorado for a limited time. Capcom assured though that it is coming back presumably when the PC version is out so new players can enjoy it on the platform as well.

Monster Hunter: World is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Siege is a multiplayer event, so players must have paid subscriptions on their platforms to participate.

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