When attending a concert, it's normal to might want to have a drink or two while with friends, but males may want to rethink the idea.

Can One Concert Do A Lifetime Of Damage?

In September 2015, a study was conducted on 51 individuals who attended at an outdoor music festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The study revealed that males are more likely to suffer from short-term hearing loss after going to a concert rather than women.

According to Dr. Veronique Kraaijenga of University Medical Center Utrecht, the idea for the study was inspired after hearing loss among young adults increased, and researchers believed that clubs and concerts could be the blame.

Researchers explained that if an individual attends a concert for over four hours, it can contribute to hearing loss especially if alcohol is consumed while at the event.

However, the study further revealed that one of the best ways to prevent tinnitus, also known as a ringing in the ears, is to wear earplugs. Although tinnitus may be temporary, it can cause permanent damage years later. If noise is too loud and long-lasting, it can possibly destroy hair cells and cause one to loss their hearing or could contribute to partial deafness.

This is why Dr. Darius Kohan, otology/neurotology at Lenox Hill Hospital, really encourages those who attend concerts to wear earplugs, as it helps to reduce the volume of the music but still makes it possible for the person to enjoy the festival without damaging their ears.

Out of the 51 individuals who attended the outdoor concert, twenty-five of them wore ear plugs, while the other 26 concertgoers did not. The information showed that those who wore ear plugs did not notice a ringing in their ears, but those who didn't experienced the discomfort after.

The research also stated that attendees who were inebriated during the concert tend to get closer to the speakers. If alcohol is consumed immensely, it can reduce the reflex in a person's normal hearing. Eleven of the participants also explained that they had difficulty hearing after they took drugs.

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