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Researchers Suggest A Healthy Diet May Lessen The Risk Of Hearing Impairments Among Women

A new study suggests that women who eat healthier foods could also have a less risk of losing their hearing in the future. The women who participated stuck to the DASH, Mediterranean, or AHEI-2010 diets.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 11, 2018

Drunk Concertgoers More Than Likely To Lose Hearing And Exhbit Dangerous Behavior, Study Shows

Research proved that individuals who attend a concert without earplugs are more than likely to suffer from short-term hearing loss. The individuals also put themselves at risk if alcohol is consumed while listening to the loud music.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 20, 2018

Researchers Working On Novel Approach To Treat Hearing Loss

The ears have a fluid that tend to flush things out, even if it is medicine. A research team's novel approach could actually make the drug stick to the ears, allowing damaged cells to regenerate.

Neuroscience April 7, 2018

High-Pitched Sounds May Have Caused Neurological Symptoms Among US Personnel In Cuba

Could high-pitched sounds be the reason behind neurological symptoms suffered by U.S. Embassy personnel in Havana? American scientists believe they could be the result of exposure to a non-natural source.

Feature | Health February 16, 2018

CRISPR And Deafness: Gene-Editing Tool Prevents Hearing Loss In Mice

Scientists recently cured mice with progressive hearing loss using a new genetic engineering technique. What is the CRISPR-Cas9 and how could it cure deafness?

Public Health December 30, 2017

Loss Of Certain Speech Abilities And Hearing Deemed Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s

Speech problems may reflect not just less fluency and communication prowess, but also early signs of cognitive decline that could pave the way for Alzheimer's disease later on. Read on for the study details.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 18, 2017

Cotton-Tipped Swabs Send Dozens Of Children To The Emergency Room Every Day

About 34 children are sent to the emergency room each day for using cotton-tipped applicators to clean the ear. Why is it not safe to use these products?

Public Health May 10, 2017

Hearing Loss In Americans Expected To Double By 2060, Reveals New Study

Hearing loss in Americans is anticipated to see a rapid rise by 2060. The condition is expected to double in the next five decades and is caused due to exposure to loud noises.

Public Health March 3, 2017

Millions Of Americans Likely Have Hearing Loss Without Knowing It: What Can Be Done?

A newly released federal study has found that about 1 in 4 adults who think they have good or excellent hearing have signs of hearing loss. What can be done to prevent this permanent damage?

Public Health February 9, 2017

20 Million Americans Suffer From Hearing Loss, Says CDC: Everyday Activities To Blame?

A new study by the CDC states that almost 20 million Americans are suffering from hearing damage. The condition is caused due to excessive exposure to noise in home or in community.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 8, 2017

Party Pooper: Experts Warn Popping Balloons Can Lead To Permanent Hearing Loss

Hearing experts from the University of Alberta measured noise produced from bursting balloons, and discovered that it can be louder than a shotgun blast and cause permanent hearing loss.

Public Health February 1, 2017

Gene Delivery Therapy Using Supercharged Adeno-Associated Virus Restores Hearing And Balance In Deaf Mice

A new gene delivery therapy using supercharged adeno-associated virus restored hearing and balance in deaf mice, offering hope to about 30 million people in the United States suffering from hearing loss. How does the treatment work?

Biotech January 30, 2017

Put The Q-Tip Down: Doctors Release New Guidelines For Earwax Removal

Updated clinical guidelines from the American Academy of Otolaryngology released last Jan. 3 warned about the dangers of using cotton swabs on one’s ears, urging people to let their earwax naturally protect their ears.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 4, 2017

Regular Use Of Painkillers May Cause Hearing Loss In Women

Taking paracetamol or ibuprofen regularly over a long time is linked to increased risk for hearing loss in women. How do these painkillers compromise hearing?

Medicine December 15, 2016

Vision Loss Is As Bad As Loss Of Hearing, Limb Or Speech For Many Americans

Many Americans consider vision loss equally bad as losing one's limb, hearing, memory or speech, a new survey revealed. The findings highlight the importance of support for eye health research.

Public Health August 5, 2016

Study Finds Tinnitus Is Common Among Adults: Here’s How To Treat Ringing Of The Ears

A new study found that one in 10 American adults suffer from tinnitus, more commonly known as ringing of the ears. Here’s some ways to treat the symptom.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 22, 2016

Brain Stimulation May Ease Effects Of Single-Sided Deafness: Study

Single-sided deafness has been found to be closely related to brain plasticity issues, specifically a misalignment of brain hemispheres. New findings are hoped to lead to the elusive cure to this condition.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 13, 2016

Researchers Discover Link Between Hearing Loss And Type 2 Diabetes

There are several possible reasons behind hearing loss, and researchers are adding type 2 diabetes to the list after discovering that the condition has a connection with loss of hearing.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 25, 2016

Wear Earplugs During Loud Concerts: Not Cool, But It Will Save You From Temporary Hearing Loss

Wearing earplugs to loud concerts or night clubs, albeit not so cool, can considerably prevent temporary noise-induced hearing loss which is rising prevalently in young adults.

Life April 13, 2016

Nutritional Supplements May Slow Down Progression Of Genetic Hearing Loss In Children

Taking nutritional supplements may be beneficial to children with a genetic hearing loss, a new mice study revealed. The supplements may significantly slow down the condition's progression.

Life March 16, 2016

US Ebola Survivors Battle Complications, Chronic Health Issues

A new CDC report published in the New England Journal of Medicine stated that a number of Ebola survivors still suffered from chronic health issues for months following their release from the hospital. Symptoms include problems with the patients' muscles, joints, senses and even their moods.

Life December 17, 2015

Research Reveals Why Babies Babble: Infants Are Motivated To Hear The Sound They Produce

A baby’s first word is a great milestone for parents. A new study revealed that infants’ monotonous babbling is driven by the child’s ability to hear themselves.

Life October 24, 2015

Hearing Trouble In Older Adults Linked With Higher Risks For Death

An American research found seniors with moderate to severe hearing impairment have 54 percent risk of death. Seniors with mild hearing problems carry a 27 percent mortality risk.

Life October 3, 2015

Hearing Loss Could Lead To Depression And Dementia If Left Untreated

As per surveys, people with hearing loss do not immediately seek treatments due to denial, vanity and lack of information. With this, depression and dementia may result leading to poorer quality of life.

Life August 11, 2015

Gene Therapy Cures Deaf Mice, Offers Hope Of Treatment For Congenital Deafness In Children

Mice that had defective genes replaces with working copies showed evidence of a restored ability to sense sound, researchers say. The finding could help with human congenital deafness, they suggest.

Life July 8, 2015

Why Dads Don’t Do Baby Talk

Mothers and fathers tend to speak in different dialects to their children, new research suggests. The two forms of speech may complement one another to improve the child's language development.

Society May 19, 2015

An App That Teaches Echolocation And Furthers Research To Help Visually Impaired People

An upcoming app will contribute to research aimed at making echolocation a more accessible tool for visually impaired people while teaching sighted people some of these skills.

Life May 12, 2015

WHO To Teens And Young Adults: Limit Listening To Music To One Hour Or You Might Go Deaf

The World Health Organization suggests listening to music over a prolonged period could result in hearing loss. Millions of people are at risk due to the unsafe use of audio devices.

Life March 1, 2015

Ear's Novel Pain System Acts As Bodyguard Against Loud Noises, Hearing Loss

Our ears have their own distinct pain-sensing system to protect us from dangerously loud noises, scientists find. Novel nerve pathway is only activated when noises reach potentially damaging levels, they report.

Life February 19, 2015

Study Links HIV, Antiretroviral Therapy to Poor Hearing

A study establishes the relationship between HIV and the loss of hearing among adults infected by the virus. Highly active antiretroviral therapy was often previously related to the hearing loss of patients.

Life December 27, 2014

We May Use Wi-Fi, But This Man Can Actually Hear It

Everyone takes Wi-Fi for granted...except for Frank Swain, that is. Instead of simply using Wi-Fi, Swain takes it to a whole different level - he hears the sound of wireless signals.

Geek November 18, 2014

Scientists restore hearing in deafened mice: Therapy could work for humans

Partial deafness in mice has been reversed using a technique that could hold promise for millions of Americans affected by the disorder.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 21, 2014

Eating fish can save women from hearing loss

Eating more fish is good for everyone but new research is saying that women particularly benefit in terms of taking care of their hearing.

Life September 11, 2014

Dial it down: Noise-induced hearing loss damages ability to understand speech

A study conducted with rats at UT Dallas shows that loud noises for long periods of time not only lead to permanent hearing loss, but also loss of the ability to distinguish speech sounds.

Life July 31, 2014

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