Google Launches Grasshopper App For People Who Always Wanted To Learn How To Code


Google has rolled out Grasshopper, which is the perfect app for people who have always wanted to learn how to code but have not had the chance to do so.

Grasshopper is a product of Area 120, the incubator for the side projects of Google employees. Other products that have come out of Area 120 include an app that made YouTube more social and the expansion of the Smart Replies feature.

Learn To Code JavaScript With Google Grasshopper

There are many ways to learn how to code with various tutorials and apps available. In fact, some programs for code education are geared toward children, such Google's Project Bloks. What makes Grasshopper different?

Grasshopper is completely free and is available on both Android and iOS devices. Also, while it is an app that is designed to teach adults how to code, lessons are kept entertaining by incorporating puzzles into them. The goal of Grasshopper is to teach how to code in JavaScript, which is one of the most popular coding languages that is used in creating websites.

Upon launching Grasshopper for the first time and logging on with your Google account, the app will ask whether you are completely new to coding or if you have previous code education. Users will then choose a practice schedule, with the app recommending a daily lesson.

Grasshopper will start with teaching the fundamentals of coding, followed by more specific lessons for JavaScript that will be unlocked after completing increasingly difficult puzzles. The app offers an achievements section for users to see what they have accomplished and a Code Playground section where users may experiment with codes.

Why Should You Learn Coding?

Most people who are interested in coding are hoping that the knowledge will help them take the next step in their career, according to Grasshopper founder and Google senior product manager Laura Holmes. Code education may support current careers or may also present a complete career change.

Holmes, however, found three barriers that made it hard for adults to learn how to code, namely time, access, and money. Grasshopper tries to address all three as a free app that can be accessed on smartphones during spare moments.

Grasshopper is just a JavaScript tutorial for beginners, though, so it will not transform novices into coding masters overnight. However, what the app does is that it shows people whether they should pursue code education. Google has partnered with Coursera and LaunchCode for people who want to continue learning how to code after completing Grasshopper.

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