Get Legendaries Raikou And Entei Are On ‘Pokémon Ultra Sun’ And ‘Ultra Moon’ For Free: Here’s How


Attention, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon players: a pair of Legendary Pokémon are now available to get for free.

Beginning April 22, The Pokémon Company is giving away Raikou and Entei to celebrate the Year of Legendary Pokémon. Hurry, though, as they'll be available for a limited time only.

How To Get Raikou And Entei In 'Pokémon Ultra Sun' And 'Ultra Moon'

U.S. players will have to go to a specific retailer to claim the two Legendaries. Target stores across the country are giving out free codes for both creatures. Go to the electronics section of a participating Target store to get the codes. They will be available until April 29.

Folks in Europe, meanwhile, can download both creatures via the Mystery Gift option found on the main menu of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This will only be accessible until April 25. Why U.S. players didn't just get a similar Mystery Gift option is a bit odd, but perhaps it's also one way of nudging them into Target stores.

After getting the codes, go to the main menu and select the Mystery Gift option. Choose to receive a gift via code/password. After doing so, play the game as you normally would, but make sure to clear out a space in your party. Go to any Pokémon Center and talk to the delivery man to get the Legendary Pokémon.

The codes will work with seventh-generation Pokémon games, but the free Legendary varies. Sun and Ultra Sun players will receive Entei, which is Fire-type, while Moon and Ultra Moon players will receive Raikou, which is Electric-type. Ultra Sun and Moon players will find the Legendary Pokémon holding a Gold Bottle Cap, a rare item that can be used in Hyper Training to max out a creature's IV.

Raikou And Entei Moveset

Their moves also vary per game. Ultra Sun Entei knows Sacred Fire, Stone Edge, Iron Head, and Flame Charge, while Sun Entei knows Stomp, Bite, Swagger, and Lava Plume. Ultra Moon Raikou knows Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Extrasensory, and Calm Mind, while Moon Raikou knows Reflect, Crunch, Thunder Fang, and Discharge. The creatures are at their maximum level in Ultra Sun and Moon, but only at level 60 on Sun and Moon, as GameSpot reports.

Have you downloaded either of the Legendaries above? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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