Evan Spiegel: 10 Amazing Facts About Snapchat's Co-Founder

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel

Snapchat CEO and co-founder Evan Spiegel dropped out of Stanford University to start his company. Here are 10 important facts about his life and career. (Michael Kovac | Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

He's one of the most polarizing figures in the tech world, but there's no doubt that Evan Spiegel has an incredible impact on the world today.

Spiegel is a co-founder and the current CEO of Snapchat, one of the largest social media networks this decade. Spiegel created Snapchat with Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown while they were enrolled at Stanford University. He dropped out of school to spend all of his time and energy on Snapchat.

In 2011, Snapchat was released. Under Spiegel's leadership, Snapchat grew in popularity, especially among young users. By 2018, Snapchat had amassed 187 million users.

In 2016, Snaptchat changed its name to Snap, a social media company that also included other technology. The following year, Snap went public and Spiegel is then taking care of the name that makes him incredibly wealthy.

Before launching Snapchat, Spiegel interned at Red Bull and worked as a career instructor in South Africa. Although his career could have gone in any direction. He then decided to make his mark in the tech world. After Snapchat become a household name, Spiegel married the model, Miranda Kerr. He also achieved a net worth of over $1 billion at the age of 25.

Some people view Spiegel as a generous philanthropist and as a tech genius who changed the way that social media networks operate. Other people view him as a spoiled frat boy who is incredibly privileged. Despite these contrasting views, most people agree that his contributions with Snapchat have been incredible.

Here are 10 facts about Even Spiegel that will provide some insights into his incredible life.

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