Nintendo Labo Replacement Parts Now Available Online: What Have You Done With The Nintendo Switch Accessory?


Nintendo Labo replacement parts are now available online for Nintendo Switch owners who may be having too much fun with the cardboard accessories.

The Nintendo Labo parts store will be a boon for Nintendo Switch owners, who will either replace broken pieces or need extra components to complete their custom Nintendo Labo projects.

Nintendo Labo Replacement Parts Available, For A Fee Or Free

The Nintendo Labo release date was April 20, but it may only take a few days before Nintendo Switch owners need replacement parts for the cardboard accessories. Thankfully, Nintendo has added a dedicated section on the online Nintendo Store for Nintendo Labo parts.

The Nintendo Labo replacement parts carry price tags ranging from $1.99 to $13.99. In case one piece breaks, whether by the fault of a child, a dog, or you, it is nice to know that there will be no need to purchase the whole Nintendo Labo kit to continue using the cardboard accessories.

However, for Nintendo Switch owners who have the skill and resources, Nintendo has also released the templates for all the Nintendo Labo parts. Users may download the templates for free and print them out onto cardboard on their own.

The templates, however, will not allow Nintendo Switch owners to enjoy the full Nintendo Labo experience at no cost. This is because the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit of the Nintendo Labo also includes the software that will allow gamers to use the cardboard accessories.

Custom Nintendo Labo Projects

Buying or making more Nintendo Labo parts does not necessarily mean a broken piece though. Sometimes, creativity will require more components to come to fruition.

Some Nintendo Switch owners have created amazing projects using the cardboard accessories, showing why Nintendo Labo reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

Twitter user Leaving Luck made a custom game where players throw cards into a hat, and the Nintendo Switch counts your score.

Another Twitter user, who goes by the handle Skg_ty, recreated Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, complete with bongos that serve as controllers.

The Nintendo Labo goes beyond games though, as Twitter user TsukimotoSeiji created a diorama that displayed shooting stars in the direction where the Joy-Con was waved.

Of course, there are some projects made simply for fun, such as Twitter user NintendoFaaan who created a system to make several Joy-Cons vibrate at the same time.

The possibilities for Nintendo Labo are potentially endless, and Nintendo is supporting the creative juices of Nintendo Switch owners by making replacement parts available.

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