LG V40's Code Name Is 'Storm,' And It's The 'Late Summer, Early Fall' Flagship: Rumor


LG just causes a torrent of surprise and confusion as news about another entry for its V-series leaks and is supposedly the V40 codenamed Storm.

A couple of months ago, the South Korean consumer electronics firm announced an incremental upgrade to its popular 2017 model called the LG V30S ThinQ. It is supposedly the brand's first handset that relies on AI to take over its imaging capabilities. Now, the latest leak suggests that the upcoming device will be the official follow-up to the V30 smartphone and could possibly launch later this year.

Tried And True Source

The information about the speculated follow-up device was revealed by Evan Blass, a prominent tipster and the same one who previously leaked information about the V30S before its announcement. Even though nothing official has been confirmed by the phone maker, his track record when it comes to insider information about smartphones and other gadgets is notable so far.

Which Comes First?

On the other hand, before news about the device codenamed Storm arrived, sources reported about LG's plans to finally launch the G7 smartphone. Last year, industry analysts suspected that the company will make the move first and reveal the G-series' latest model before the 2018 MWC.

Rumors implied that it would have been the first Android smartphone to use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 SoC. However, that honor went to Samsung's Galaxy S9 as expected by everyone after insiders revealed a last-minute change of plans from LG. Just like other brands, the former opted not to release its premium model together with other manufacturers. Now, it looks like the G7 will make its debut next month and will carry the ThinQ label as well, which means the V40 will most likely arrive a little bit later than that.

Design And Feature Speculation

Before LG officially parades the G7 ThinQ in the next few weeks, Blass posted another leak on Twitter. If the image is indeed official, it supports the rumors that it will come with a notch similar to the iPhone X. Additional details tease that the device will come with an optional software gimmick that hides the noticeable notch if the user finds it's troublesome.

Almost all manufacturers have already adopted this trend, wherein almost all flagship models are designed with a cut-out on top of the display. Some analysts pointed out that the trend seems like a pathetic attempt to make smartphones look like the iPhone X.

Sadly, it is presumably the same direction that LG might take with the V40 when it comes later this year. Who knows, it might flaunt an entirely different design that could potentially take the market by storm.

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