Google moves forward with new updates for its services and products as it delivers Google Pay to iOS devices and on desktop computers at last.

Reaching Out To More Platforms

It looks like the search company plans to expand its capabilities with its decision to port some of its popular apps and services to other platforms. For example, the previously Android-only payment feature is finally on its way to Apple devices and on Windows desktops.

The company recently rebranded all of the payment services it previously offered like Google Wallet, Google Checkout, Android Pay, and others into what it is called now. It takes all of the convenient features showcased by several of the developer's apps puts them all into one interface.

Support Coverage

Now that Google Pay is available on desktop platforms via different browsers, the developers noted that other than Chrome, the service is fully supported on Mozilla's Firefox and Apple's Safari browsers. It seems that, for now, the company has officially endorsed these three browsers only. However, most sources believe that other popular ones will eventually be included in the fold.

According to the developers, users on any of the supported browsers will notice that Google Pay will automatically populate as a payment option during their online transactions. The company has not yet provided an official list of websites and online retailers that feature the Pay with Google button by default.

Strong Adoption As Told By Numbers

To further advertise the potential number of users that are on board with the payment service, the company revealed that last month's data shows that the app has been installed on more than 100 million devices.

This information comes a few months after it was rebranded back in January and subsequently released, which gave it a few months of availability on the Play Store. Some sources pointed out that improvements to its security and interface were made during the past few months. The end product is expected to be more user-friendly and convenient for its users.

Going Up Against Apple

Prior to the announcement of Google Pay's upcoming availability on iOS devices and desktop, data provided by market researchers indicate that Apple Pay is way ahead when it comes to adoption. Now that the search company revealed its plans to push its new and improved platform, another survey in the near future might paint a different landscape with regard to payment services.

It looks like the latter plans to even out or even unseat Cupertino's hold on the e-commerce payment options.

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