Google further simplifies its payment processing system by fusing the best things about Android Pay and Google Wallet. The result is Google Pay and it's now rolling out.

"Easy access to rewards and offers. One spot for purchases, passes, and payment methods. All of these are ways we've been working to make paying safer and easier for everyone, everywhere," Google said in a blog post.

It's quite clear that Google Pay is raring to get into action and here's how to make things work:

Setting Things Up

The easiest setup mode is for users already on Android Pay. The system will automatically update from the old to the new and when it happens, everything will flow smoothly. The magical transformation to Google Pay will include the transfer of financial details, mostly about credit and debit card information, to the new application and it will be set.

However, for new users, everything starts from scratch that entails the downloading and installing of the app. Take note that prior to installation, the system will first check if a user's mobile device is ready for Google Pay.

If the download and install turn out a success, then the hardware checks out. The next step is to configure the payment methods that mainly involve keying of card details.

Adding Various Cards

The Google Pay interface is straightforward and partitioned into two sections - Home and Card. Tap the latter to set up cards and then click the floating blue add button.

Users will then be presented with options to add a credit or debit card, a loyalty program, a gift card, a PayPal account, and a Visa Checkout account.

  • For credit/card, the option to tick is "Add a new card" and users can proceed to supply the details. The system will then verify the details with the bank that issued the card.
  • For loyalty program, simply click "Add a loyalty program" and search for stores that honor the card. Users can then snap a picture of the card for quick programming of the account details.
  • For gift card, choose "Add a gift card" from the menu, search for stores where the gift card will be accepted, and save the important details that will automate the use of the gift credit.
  • For PayPal account, simply head out to the options list and pick PayPal. Users will be redirected to the service's site where they need to sign in and give permission to Google Pay.
  • For the account, it's nearly the same as the PayPal route. Click "Add other payment methods" then tap Visa Checkout and the process will continue on Visa's site. Again, users will need to unlock their accounts and grant clearance to Google Pay.

When the whole process is completed, Google Pay is ready to use for making payment or sending money.

Using Google Pay

As promised, making payment with the help of the system is a breeze. When buying in physical stores, shoppers will need to locate for payment terminals that bear the GPay or NFC logo.

Users will need to unlock their phone and the app will automatically launch and register with the terminal. The device will flash instructions to process the transaction, which will be finalized with users entering a PIN or a digital signature.

Google Pay is even more buttery-smooth when making online purchases. For retailers already supporting the system, items for sale will display the GPay logo upon checkout. Tapping on it will fire up and complete process, and there's no need to launch the app.

Google said sending money to people will soon be integrated with Google Pay but for some reasons, the facility is temporarily handled by a separate app called Google Pay Send. However, the company did not mention when the built-in feature will go live.

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