Users of the Google+ social network received a new feature that they can use on the videos that they upload.

Tim St. Clair, a software engineer for Google, revealed through a Google+ post that the company is introducing a feature that allows users to improve the video, and eventually also the included speech of recordings that they upload to Google+.

Low quality videos and their accompanying audio can be attributed primarily to using quality devices to record the videos. Other factors include the situation of the surroundings and user error.

The new feature on Google+ allows users to enhance the color, lighting, and stability of uploaded videos, all with just a single click. To utilize the feature, users are recommended to first upload their videos using Auto Backup for secure storage.

Uploaded videos will be automatically analyzed by Google+ for the quality of the picture and the audio. Users are also recommended to have the Auto Enhance feature of Google+ turned on for better results.

If the feature thinks that Google+ would be able to improve the quality of the video, a banner will be displayed that will ask whether the user wishes to preview the enhancements that the feature could make. The fixed video can then be previewed as Google+ will show it side by side with the original video for comparison.

Users that are satisfied by the improvements only need to select to apply the changes. If the user for some reason prefers to keep the original version of the video, the option can also be chosen. In addition, the changes are all reversible, so users should not be worried about permanently overwriting the original video that they upload if they choose to have Google+ fix it.

The post by St. Clair also recommends utilizing the Auto Enhance feature not only to the files that Google+ suggests the fix to be applied upon uploading, but also to videos that have already been uploaded by the user.

Users can access the feature on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux on Google+ by opening a video, selecting More and then the Auto Enhance option. The feature can also be accessed on the Photos app for Google+ on the Android OS by opening a video, tapping the overflow menu, and then tapping the Auto Enhance option.

The post did not specify on when the feature will be upgraded to include enhancements to the speech audio of videos, as St. Clair only said that the feature is "coming soon."

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