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Google+ Is Back From The Dead … Sort Of

Google+ will live on as Google Currents, an enterprise-only communication tool, but its future doesn’t seem that bright, either. Between Hangouts Chat and Currents, one could get axed eventually.

Google April 13, 2019

Archive Team Works To Preserve Public Google+ Posts In The Internet Archive

Google is set to shut down Google+ on April 2. Before that happens, the Archive Team is working to preserve public content on the platform and cache everything in the Internet Archive's 'Wayback Machine.'

Internet March 18, 2019

Google Kept Google+ Data Breach Secret To Avoid Comparisons With Facebook, Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Google is now shutting down Google+, but not because of the lack of users and activity. A data breach compromised the data of 500,000 users on the social network, but Google decided to keep the security incident a secret.

Google October 9, 2018

Google Entices Android Owners To Use Google+ With 'Brand New' Version

Google is scheduled to update Google+ for Android soon. The new version reworked the core program and other useful features.

Google February 8, 2018

Google+ Update Brings Back Events, Adds Zoom

Google+ is planning to roll out its new updates in the next couple of weeks. The update will be pushed out at the end of January and marks the return of Events and a new zoom feature.

Google January 18, 2017

Google Assistant Shares Web Articles You're Reading To Google+, Twitter Via Voice Command: Just Say 'Share This'

A Google+ user has discovered a hidden feature inside Google's virtual assistant. If you're using a Pixel or a Pixel XL, open up Google Assistant under an open webpage and say 'Share this with' followed by either Google+ or Twitter.

Apps/Software November 1, 2016

Google Play Store App Reviews No Longer Require A Google+ Account

Google has removed the requisite of a user signing into their Google+ profile to post a review of an app on the Play Store. The change is being pushed out now and will soon be available to all users.

Google August 13, 2016

Google+ Officially 5 Years Old Now: Here's A Look At The Social Network And Its Services

Google+ is a survivor, still alive and kicking after five full years. And while it still hasn't commanded a corner of the market, Google appears to be far from done with the social network.

Google June 29, 2016

Google+ App Gets Revamped With Design Changes, Better Search And More

Google announced it has given its Google+ app a makeover. It has added in a slew of enhancements and bug fixes, which include design changes, better search and more.

Apps/Software January 14, 2016

Google About Me Gives You More Control Over The Personal Information You Share With The World

Google has rolled out the 'About me' page, a portal where you can control what personal info you want others to see. Here's what you need to know about this new Google service.

Apps/Software November 12, 2015

Google+ Photos Out By Aug. 1, Google Photos In

Google is shutting down Google+ Photos on Aug. 1. Google is prompting Google+ Photo users to make the switch to Google Photos.

Apps/Software July 22, 2015

Google+ Twitter Account Sends Out #firstTweet Four Years After Creation: Ho-hum, Now What?

After four years of dormancy, the Twitter account of Google+ sent out its first tweet. Why now?

Internet May 2, 2015

Teens Still Prefer Facebook, Instagram And Snapchat Among Social Media Platforms

Latest research shows that Facebook is still the most preferred social media site among teenagers. While 71 percent of all teens use it, other social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google Plus, Vine and Tumblr are also popular.

Internet April 9, 2015

Google Finally Organizes Your Address Book With Google Contacts: Look, Google+ Circles Too!

Google has launched a new platform called Google Contacts. The search giant is hoping it will encourage users to bring all their contacts together in one location.

Apps/Software March 3, 2015

Google+ Splits Into Photos And Streams: Will The Move Make Things More Exciting?

Google+ now splits into Photos and Streams as the social network gears up to divert its focus on the two areas along with communications instead of taking all three as a singular ecosystem.

Internet March 3, 2015

New Facebook Gender Update Lets Users Identify Themselves As They Wish

Facebook will now let users identify their gender freely by providing them with a fill-in-the blank option box.

Internet Culture February 27, 2015

WhatsApp Bans Users of Third-party Clients Such as WhatsApp Plus: How to Get Unbanned

WhatsApp has temporarily banned users of WhatsApp Plus from the service at least for a period of 24 hours. The popular messaging service warns users that accessing such third-party sites violates the company's Terms of Service.

Apps/Software January 22, 2015

Google+ Now Comes with Auto Enhance for Your Home Videos

Google+ released a feature that automatically enhances videos uploaded to the social network. Users can improve the video's color, lighting and stability with just a single click.

Internet December 22, 2014

Google+ is still alive and Google acquires Polar to give it some boost

Google acquired online poll startup company Polar to boost Google+. Despite its struggles, Google+ remains very valuable to Google.

Business September 12, 2014

Microsoft removes 1,500 misleading apps from Windows and Windows Phone Store

Microsoft has removed 1,500 dubious apps from its Windows and Windows Phone Store. The company's online marketplace had been riddled with fake apps that mimic legitimate apps from companies such as Google and Apple.

Apps/Software August 28, 2014

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