iPhone X owners who have been experiencing Face ID issues may be in line to receive a new iPhone X instead of a repair, according to an internal document.

The iPhone X may be the best-selling smartphone in the first quarter, but it is far from being a perfect device. Some users have reported problems with the device's Face ID facial recognition feature, which may now be solved by simply giving the customer a new phone.

iPhone X Face ID Issues? Get A New iPhone X

According to an internal document that was acquired by MacRumors, Apple updated its service policy for iPhone X units suffering from Face ID issues.

Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers are advised to run diagnostics and try a repair on the rear camera of an iPhone X with a malfunctioning Face ID. However, if that does not fix the problem, the recommendation is to replace the iPhone X with a new phone, instead of trying to repair the device's display.

What does the rear camera have to do with Face ID? There is apparently a connection between the two iPhone X components, as there have been various reports that when the rear camera is broken, Face ID also stops functioning. According to a Redditor, an Apple Store Genius Bar employee explained that the True Depth camera that is used by Face ID and the telephoto camera of the rear camera are linked. When one fails, so does the other.

The Redditor received a new phone to replace the iPhone X with Face ID issues, and the new internal document reveals that the process is now formalized. If your iPhone X Face ID is not working, you might want to visit the nearest Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider, as you might receive a brand-new iPhone X replacement phone to fix the problem.

What's Next For The iPhone X?

While the world awaits Apple's official announcement for the iPhone X successor, the prevailing rumor is that there will be three 2018 iPhone models, all of which will draw inspiration from the iPhone X.

The iPhone X, however, may force Apple to change its way of naming iPhones, primarily because the "X" in the name stands for "ten." There may be confusion in names such as the iPhone X-2, which uses two numbers, and the iPhone 9, as the "iPhone Ten" is already out. A suggestion is for Apple to drop the numerals, but that might raise even more questions.

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