Wear Pac-Man On Your Wrist With The Official Android Wear Watch Face


If you own one of those shmancy new Android Wear smartwatches -- or maybe you'll be lucky enough to get one for Christmas -- life just got a little more nostalgic.

Google announced this week the release of Android Wear 5.0, which finally adds the ability to download new watch faces. And one of the first of them is the official release from Bandai Namco of everyone's favorite waka-waka-waka video game character.

The Pac-Man Watch Face is available as a $.99 download from the Google Play Store. It works with rectangular or circular shaped smartwatch displays, depicting Pac-Man racing around the edge of the screen eating away at pellets and ghosts. The watch face has no actual game or interactivity to offer, but it looks cool with very authentic, pixelated graphics and animations.

Want a piece of the 1980s on your wrist? It's hard to get any more '80s than Pac-Man chomping down on ghosts and power pellets.

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