A man was misdiagnosed as having a migraine. Instead, he had a severe form of eye cancer. This form of cancer caused him to lose his right eye and half of his face.

He was turned away from different doctors until someone noticed something peculiar about the tumor on his face.

Tumor With Spider Legs

Danny Hunt from Islington, London, began to have headaches and throat infections in 2008. He was diagnosed with laryngitis and was told that he was suffering from migraines. His wife, Mandy Hunt, noted that at the time, he had a lump near his eye that was growing larger.

After different attempts to solve his health problem, Hunt went to a specialist at the Moorfields Eye Hospital. During the visit to the specialist, they noted that there was something wrong with the back of Hunt's eye. Hunt was told that he had a tumor with spider legs that indicates he had a severe form of eye cancer. Hunt had been misdiagnosed.

In 2009, Hunt had to have his right eye removed along with the bone in his nose and jaw. Nurses were not able to clean out his eye socket, which caused various fluids to build up in his face, which then went into his lungs. His son cleaned Hunt's nose whenever something became stuck after the surgery.

In order to cover the hole left in his face, doctors had to take skin from his back and artery in his leg.

History Of Surgery

Danny Hunt isn't strong enough to be able to have facial reconstruction surgery. His wife says that he has had so many surgeries that there is no bone left in his nose. This causes everything to come out of his nose. She also adds that the bone below his brain has deteriorated.

Before his cancer diagnosis, Hunt had to have a different surgery because after contracting tuberculosis while he was in his 20s, doctors found a crystalized sack around his heart. During this procedure, part of his right lung had to be removed.

Hunt also suffers from Marfan syndrome. Marfan syndrome is a disorder that affects connective tissue in different parts of the body. This tissue is what gives strength and flexibility for bones, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, and heart valves, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Hunt's wife told him to see the doctor about problems with his chest after she saw a documentary on Marfan syndrome. She noticed that he had a dip in his chest. Doctors had to insert a silver bar to prevent the drip from putting pressure on his heart.

Surgeries have left Hunt a shell of his former self. His wife says that he was once active, but now he doesn't want to eat and is ashamed to be seen in public. She adds that his grandchildren are scared of him.

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