7-year-old Amelia is adapting to new life after doctors performed a rotationplasty as part of her treatment for bone cancer. She is still determined to pursue her hobbies and to dance on stage again one day even after her leg amputation and bout with cancer.

Rotationplasty For Amelia

Last year, Amelia Eldred was playing when her leg "gave way." Though her parents took care of her and tried to help the wound heal, what was believed to be a minor injury continued to swell. Because of this, Amelia's mother, Michelle Eldred, decided to take her to a hospital.

Just before her seventh birthday, Amelia was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a common type of bone cancer among children. Evidently, doctors found a 10-centimeter tumor that had already broken the bone in her left femur.

Amelia underwent chemotherapy for five weeks, but when the tumor did not respond, doctors stated that the leg had to be amputated. However, through rotationplasty, she may still be able to retain her mobility.

In January, doctors performed the rotationplasty by amputating Amelia's leg in the thigh, removing its central portion and then reattaching her lower leg to the upper leg backward. This way, Amelia will eventually be able to use her ankle as a knee joint once she is ready for a prosthetic leg.

'Goodbye Loser'

Amazingly, Amelia, who is already undergoing another cycle of chemotherapy, is said to be recovering well from the rotationplasty and has amazed doctors with how quickly she is moving her rotated leg.

"She was the perfect patient to have this procedure and even said 'goodbye loser' to the cancer as we prepared to amputate. She has shown real bravery and confidence in showing off her leg, even though it looks a bit different. I'm glad that she'll be able to continue doing all the things a normal child can do including sports and dancing," said Professor Lee Jeys of The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, the surgeon who conducted the rare procedure.

Evidently, Amelia was quite the active child before she was diagnosed with cancer, and some of her hobbies include swimming, bike riding, running, gymnastics, acrobatics, and dancing. She has even vowed to one day be able to dance on stage again.

In three months, Amelia will be able to place weight on her leg and may be fitted with a prosthetic. However, she may require specially made blades so that she could continue living her active lifestyle. As such, community and parish members have set up a JustGiving page to raise enough money for the blades, as they may cost almost $7,000 (£5,000) each.

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