It's a new year which means it's time for a more productive, entertaining and efficient smartphone. We've gathered up the best apps for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to start your year off right.

Apple's Top Apps

According Apple's annual list of the best apps, the top two apps to download are Elevate and Hyperlapse by Instagram.

Elevate is a personal trainer for the brain. The app uses games to help increase memory, cognition and focus. Users can brush up on 25 critical skills that boost productivity and self-confidence.

Apple awarded this app as the App of the Year for 2014. It has been downloaded 5 million times since first launching in May 2014. Elevate is free to download.

Hyperlapse is one of the hottest apps right now for any smartphone user who loves snapping photos and videos and posting them on Instagram. The app allows users to capture time lapse videos, even when they are moving thanks, to its stabilization feature.

Users can speed up or slow down videos, perfect for recording young children opening their Christmas presents in one short and sweet clip. Hyperlapse is free to download.

Best Puzzle Apps


One of the best games to play on your iPhone is Threes, a puzzle game perfect for killing time when commuting. Threes is a number game that keeps growing. Users have to swipe like numbers together, such as 3 + 3 to make 6, followed by a 6 + 6 to make 12. The game is easy to learn and the puzzle will last a lifetime. Download it now for $1.99.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley, the winner of Apple Design Award 2014, is another addictive puzzle game that also combines adventure. The app features surreal architecture with hidden paths, optical illusions and lots of geometry. To play, users help a character explore the world by dragging and reshaping just about everything. Download this puzzle app for $3.99.

Best Game Apps

LEGO Harry Potter


 Harry Potter games are really popular among young children (and adults!). So channel your inner wizard or witch while in LEGO land with this Harry Potter game. While the Chamber of Secrets LEGO app was a bit too spooky for young souls, this version is more child-friendly. Users explore Harry's world during his years at Hogwarts. Years 1-4 and 5-7 are now on sale on iTunes for $0.99.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition


 Fans of the popular building game Minecraft can now play anytime on their iPhones after downloading Minecraft- Pocket Edition. Customize and build your world and invite users to play with you in your world or enter theirs. There is also Survival and Creative modes that include worlds with villages, mobs, caves and much more. Users can also share the fun in multiplayer mode. The app is available for $6.99.

 Dumb Ways to Die 2


 This game is so morbidly awesome. As its name suggests, users play a series of silly mini-games where they have to escape death. Mini games include riding on dolphins, walking to a pool without slipping and water-skiing over sharks. The animations are so adorable and goofy looking and the mini- games are fun and inventive. The app is free to download.

Best Editing Apps



 Use your new iPhone's eight megapixels camera to capture epic selfles. But even though the iPhone's camera is the best yet, you may still want to edit out pimples, wrinkles, or not-so-white teeth. Facetune is the best photo editor out right now that is easy to use without needing any previous editing skills. The app is available for $0.99 (and check out our exclusive interview with the co-founder of the app here.)



 If you are addicted to photo editing and cool filters, Afterlight is the app you. Users can crop and customize their photos with 15 different tools. There are 59 filters to choose from, 66 gestures and 128 adjustable frames. This app is only $0.99 in iTunes.

Best Shopping App

 The Hunt


Your holiday shopping has come to an end, but you can still be in the know for great deals year round— especially when it comes down searching for the best outfits to buy with your gift cards. The Hunt helps fashionistas find a specific outfit that they want. Users can create their own lists of clothes so others can visit and buy items from them. Users can also browse outfits through hashtags like #newyearseve or get a celebrity inspired looks by searching for #beyonce. Visit the app's website to receive a text to download.

Best Fitness App


Noom Coach: Weight Loss


 The most popular New Year's resolution is to lose weight. This app helps users lose an average of 10 pounds every two months without having to follow a strict diet. The app helps users create lifelong healthy eating habits by focusing on positive coaching and encouragement. The app features a calorie counter and personalized daily plans and reminders. It's available for free on iTunes.

Best Finance

HomeBudget with Sync


 There are many free apps to help you budget your finances, but this app is well worth the $4.99. HomeBudget has a sleek and easy to use design to help you organize and assess your expenses and bills. Sync your bank account info and attach photos of receipts to stay updated on all your bills. The best part of this app is there is a Family Sync feature so your partner can stay in the loop on finances. There is a lite version of the app available for free if you want to test it out before buying.

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