It's that time of year again, singles, when just about every family member awkwardly asks you why you are still single or what ever happened to-eh-what's his name?

Mobile dating apps have made it easier to dodge the relationship status questions. Even though your Facebook says you are single, you may be actively dating, even if it means virtually. Catering to Millennials, dating apps like Tinder allow users to make instant connections based on proximity, personality, and of course physical looks.

With over 50 million active users, Tinder has helped change the way people view online dating. As the dating scene continues to evolve, users want the convenience of browsing through potential matches on their smartphones. 

So in the name of holiday romance, check out the 5 best Tinder companion apps to help maximize your online dating experience.

For the perfect picture

Let's be honest. Tinder users will swipe to the left if they do not like what they see. So displaying the most attractive picture possible always helps. Whether you import a photo or take a new one with your smartphone, the photo editing app Facetune uses advanced technology to get your picture perfect.

"I think people like Tinder's simplicity, ease of use, and image driven orientation," says Facetune co-founder Zeev Farbman. "First impressions have always been important, and with the rise of social media, most of our first impressions come from online images."

Simply using the swipe of your finger, Facetune users can transform selfies into magazine-quality images by touching up their skin, smile, hair and add other effects. Photos that are "Facetuned" can then be shared on any social media platform.

"Facetune is built with an emphasis on really simple-to-use features, where the user interface integrates simple, intuitive commands, making it really easy for users to achieve superb results with their photos," Farbman says. "The beauty of Facetune is that users don't need to have any form of photo editing knowledge or expertise to create the perfect picture."

For more likes

It doesn't matter if you have an attractive picture if you still aren't finding matches. The app Tinderly, available for iOS and Andorid, attempts to get you more matches with less swiping. After logging in using your Facebook account, the app allows you to like up to nine people in a single tap.You can also see users in other cities, which is perfect if you plan on going on a winter vacation.

You can also see all those who already liked you, and undo people who swiped to the left by accident. The more people you like, the better chance you have of making a real connection. 

For the conversation

You made a connection, but what do you say to break the ice or to keep the conversation going? Sometimes, Tinder responses can throw you off or leave you speechless. If you are looking to spice up your convos, try TinderCompanion. The app provides users with over 400 romantic tips and conversation starters to help sparks fly.

Toggle between tips and conversation starters to choose what type of help you are looking for. All tips are given at random, but when you see a good one, you can easily copy and paste it right into your Tinder message as if it came straight from you. Want to save a tip for later? Just double tap to "heart" it.

This official Tinder companion app will cost you $0.99. 

For the first impression

If you are a Tinder user, you know that first impressions are everything. Now that you received a right swipe, you may want more than a second opinion on what to wear for your first date. When you can't trust your gut on whether or not you should wear those skinny jeans, ask the social media universe.

Askem is an ideal Tinder companion app for when you need answers to decide pre-date dilemmas such as: Do these shoes match my look? Simplifying your decision-making, Askem allows users to ask questions by posting pictures or video with up to five different text responses other users can choose from.

"It was important to us to create a platform that allows users to ask anything creatively that comes to mind, not just a yes or no question," CEO and co-founder Itai Herman said. "Askem is much more than a decision-making tool— it unleashes curiosity and lets users know what the world thinks almost instantly."

Questions can be shared on social media sites and the app also features a news feed so that other users can easily search and answer questions using hashtags.

For finding & getting to the perfect date spot

Sure you may have your outfit planned, but you don't want to get all dressed up with nowhere to go. Selecting the perfect date spot maybe difficult for those meeting in their date's neighborhood where the territory is unknown. The mobile app AroundMe helps couples find the best date venue, no matter where you live.

Similar to Yelp's app, AroundMe uses smartphone navigation capabilities to locate the best bars, restaurants, movie theaters, hotels or ATMs that are nearby. The app, which was named one of the best iPhone apps of 2011, differs from Yelp in its easy-to-use interface. Combining simplicity with speed, you can find exactly what you are looking for with just a few finger taps.

Those looking to make their date a weekend long adventure can use the app to locate nearby gas stations. AroundMe will also list prices so you can find the best deal. Once you find the business or service you are looking for, tapping on it will bring up an info screen which uses Google maps to bring up the address and distance from your current location. 

For not sending the wrong message

Now that you parted ways with your date, you may be still buzzing with excitement  The last thing you want to do is  drunk dial your date the next night you go out. If your date didn't go so well and you find yourself a few too many in, you'll also want to have the app to prevent coming off desperate when you drunk dial your ex.

Drunk Dial No! restricts users from being able to call or email selected people from their contacts. The app hides contact information from 1 to 48 hours. If you try to call a contact that was blocked for the set time, a message will pop up reminding you that it is not such a good idea. Users can also send text messages warning not to call a certain someone to their future drunk self.


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