PC Gamers can upgrade their systems by replacing components and accessories, but when it comes to console gaming, there are a lot of limitations.

Linksys Releases Xbox One Router

Console gamers can neither change the CPU, nor the GPU or RAM. However, the good news for Xbox One gamers is that there is a new piece of hardware that will give them an edge when they're playing online.

The Linksys WRT32XB wireless router, which Linksys showed off at CES 2018, is now available for purchase for Xbox One gamers. For the uninitiated, this is a product from the company's WRT line of routers where the firmware has been optimized for usage with the Xbox One console.

Linksys WRT32XB Specs, Features, And Pricing

According to Linksys, the router can not only detect Xbox traffic but also reduces peak ping by as much as 65 percent, which reduces lag that gamers might experience when playing multiplayer online. Some gamers might find it difficult to buy that claim, but when the router has been certified by Microsoft's "Designed for Xbox" program, there shouldn't be any doubts.

Linksys's latest offering automatically detects Xbox One consoles, including the Xbox One S and Xbox One X thanks to the Rivet Network's Killer Prioritization Engine, which is programmed to autodetect Xbox one consoles that are connected to its network.

The WRT32XB router also prioritizes network traffic automatically, allowing users to enjoy high-speed gaming and video streaming when using the Xbox One consoles and provide the best possible online gaming experience.

While the router has been designed specifically for the Xbox One console, a spokesperson for Linksys revealed that the company will push out a software update this summer that will enable the router to prioritize gaming traffic, irrespective of the device - it could be a console, PC or even a smartphone.

All the other specs of the WRT32XB router remain the same as its predecessor; the WRT32X. The WRT32XB also is a dual-band AC3200 router that is compatible with MU-MIMO technology. It runs on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands and promises a fast and stable connection for both gamers as well as regular users.

The router is powered by a 1.8 GHz dual-core processor and is equipped with 512 MB of RAM and 256 MB of flash memory. It also comes with a USB 3.0 port and an eSATA/USB 2.0 combo port.

The WRT32XB router retails for $299.99 and can be purchased from Linksys' own website and Microsoft Stores in addition to other major retailers including Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy.

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