This Xbox One X Deal Gets You Two Games And Extra Controller For $500


There's a new tempting Xbox One X deal over at Newegg that's too good to pass up. At $500 — the normal price of a standalone Xbox One X — players get the console, two games, and an extra wireless controller.

The system comes with 1 TB of onboard storage. The games are Grand Theft Auto V and Destiny 2. That's nearly $180 in savings, according to the eBay listing. It's probably one of the best Xbox One X deals thus far.

Grab This Xbox One X Deal

Hurry, though. Newegg says there's just a limited number of bundles available, so if you're in the market for Microsoft's latest flagship console, act quick. It's worth noting, however, that this deal is only available for those living in the United States. Sorry, rest of the world.

The games are notable too because they're not plain shovelware. Both of them to this day continue to receive occasional updates, which, especially for GTA V, is almost unheard of, considering it was released in 2013. That's in huge part because of GTA Online, the tremendously popular multiplayer platform Rockstar has been doing its best to keep afloat.

As for Destiny 2, the game has recently been updated with changes to its rewards and scoring system, which has always been one the most complained-about aspects of the title. So Bungie removed the time limit in Nightfall Strikes. It also changed the system so that players will be scored based on the overall performance of the team. Plus the number of orbs of light and kills are now taken into account.

GTA V and Destiny 2 are excellent games to start with, and the fact that the deal bundles them in for the price of a standalone Xbox One X is pretty sweet.

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is by far the most powerful standalone gaming console ever released. While the Nintendo Switch has been dominating the gaming market for a while now, Microsoft said back in November 2017 it plans on producing more first-party exclusives for the console. That's great, especially since one of the Xbox platform's greatest weaknesses is its short roster of exclusives. In comparison, both Sony and Nintendo excel in that regard.

Thoughts about the Xbox One X? Do you wish it had more exclusive titles? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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