California Man Offers Kidney, Truck, And Tent To Anyone Who Can Donate A Liver For His Sick Wife


A man in California is desperate to save his wife. Vernon Robinson, 55, has offered his 2004 Dodge pickup truck, a tent trailer, and his kidneys to anyone who can donate a liver to save his sick wife, Marie Robinson.

Vernon shared the post on his Facebook page last week and stated that he had "good kidneys" and would be willing to "throw one in there".

A Husband's Plea

According to Fox News, Vernon's wife was diagnosed with Cirrhosis after her doctor noticed some spots on her liver. This occurred about three years ago. Cirrhosis is described as the late stage of scarring in the liver, which can be caused by many diseases, as per the Mayo Clinic. Most of the common symptoms of cirrhosis include: bleeding easily, itchy skin, swelling in the legs, and nausea.

These symptoms do not occur until after the liver damage is extensive.

Vernon and Marie, who have been married for 25 years, told Fox News that they have to from Sanger, California to San Diego, California for Marie's doctor appointments and tests. Marie, 61, is also a diabetic and has lost at least 70 pounds since her diagnosis. Marie is currently on a list for a donor but isn't high enough and her husband fears by the time she makes it to the top of the list it will be too late.


Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

Vernon has now asked anyone whose blood type is O positive or O negative if they are able to donate a piece of their liver to his wife. For anyone who thinks they are able to qualify as a donor, they could apply to the UCSF Medical Center and his insurance would cover the entire procedure.

Since Vernon and Marie's story went viral due to the story being picked up by KMPH-TV, various people have reached out to Vernon on his Facebook page to offer support and encouraging words on his quest to save his wife. Others have stated that even they were a match, they would not take his car.

According to the USCF, the process to become a donor could take from four to six months and in order to be considered a person must be between the ages of 18 to 55 years old and in good health.

"I just love my wife. If I could take her place, I would. I believe God put her in my life and changed me and gave me a new heart for life," Vernon stated.

Marie and Vernon just celebrated their anniversary in April of this year.

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