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Florida Surgeon To Pay $3,000 Fine After Removing Patient's Healthy Kidney Mistakenly Thought As Tumor

Surgeon Ramon Vazquez removed a patient's kidney which he initially thought was a tumor. However, it turned out that the presumed cancerous mass was an intact pelvic kidney.

January 14, 2019

Woman Says Hospital Removed Both Of Her Healthy Kidneys

Did a hospital remove both of a woman's kidneys because they were cancerous? The biopsy records showed no evidence of malignancy in the removed tissue.

Medicine November 17, 2018

Doctor Mistakes Healthy Kidney For Cancerous Tumor, Removes It During Routine Back Surgery

A surgeon mistook a patient's healthy kidney for a cancerous tumor and removed it during a routine surgery. An administrative case is now filed against him for the unfortunate mistake.

Feature | Health November 3, 2018

US First Lady Melania Trump Undergoes Procedure For Kidney Condition: What Is Embolization?

The White House did not elaborate on Melania Trump's kidney condition but it is highly likely the first lady had angiomyolipoma. What is angiomyolipoma and how can an embolization procedure treat this condition?

Feature | Health May 14, 2018

California Man Offers Kidney, Truck, And Tent To Anyone Who Can Donate A Liver For His Sick Wife

A man from Sanger, California shared on his Facebook page that he would donate his kidney to anyone who could give his wife their liver. His wife was diagnosed with Cirrhosis three years ago and is still on the list for a donor.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 9, 2018

Husband Gifts Own Kidney To His Wife For Their 23rd Anniversary

A husband just gave his wife the gift of her life — literally. For their 23rd wedding anniversary, Cesar gave Monica his own kidney, putting a stop to her suffering.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 15, 2018

There’s A Much Safer IV Liquid Than Saline, Suggests New Study

There might be a better alternative than saline in IV bags. A new research says that using balanced fluids in IV therapies could lead to less deaths and cases of kidney damage.

Medicine February 28, 2018

More People Are Suffering From Kidney Stones, Study Shows: Here's How To Avoid Getting Them

A study by the Mayo Clinic revealed that cases of kidney stones are on the rise, especially among women. The best way to avoid the painful condition is to drink lots of water.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 14, 2018

Low Blood Levels Of Protein May Affect Kidney Function

According to a new study, low blood levels of protein could affect kidney functions in an adverse manner. The presence of the soluble klotho protein in high amounts, however, may aid in safeguarding the organ.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 20, 2017

Constipation Linked To Increased Risk For Kidney Disease: Ways To Prevent And Treat Constipation

A study involving 3.5 million U.S. veterans found a link between severe constipation and kidney problems. Here are ways to prevent and treat constipation.

Public Health November 15, 2016

Thrilling Cure: A Roller Coaster Ride Can Help Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

A team of experts in Michigan attempted to find out whether a thrilling roller coaster ride could help patients pass kidney stones. Researchers say the success rates for kidney stone passage were quite high.

Public Health September 26, 2016

'Kidney On A Chip' Can Determine Right Drug Dosage, Prevent Kidney Damage

Researchers developed a 'kidney on a chip' device that allows delivery of precise drug dosages. The technique also helps scientists examine the effects of drugs on human kidney cells.

Biotech May 6, 2016

Love Red Meat? Eating Too Much Of It Can Accelerate Your Body's Biological Age

A huge fan of eating red meat? If you don’t combine it with servings of fruits and vegetables, it may increase your risk of getting older than you look.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2016

Aunt Creates Rare Three-Way 'Kidney Chain' To Save Her Niece's Life

In a unique three-way kidney swap chain, an aunt helped save not only her niece’s life, but also enhanced the lives of two others who were in need of kidney transplants.

Biotech April 22, 2016

Common Heartburn Drugs Up Your Risk For Kidney Failure

Long-term intake of a common drug used to treat heartburn, acid reflux, and ulcers may lead to an increased risk of kidney disease and kidney failure, new study has found.

Life April 18, 2016

Kidneys Have Innate Clock That Influence Metabolic Processes Of The Body

Researchers demonstrate how the kidney's innate circadian clock affects metabolic processes in the body. These variations are crucial to the levels of lipids, amino acids and other blood components in the body.

Life April 11, 2016

Report Shows Fewer Incidence Of Early Death Among Dialysis, Kidney Transplant Patients

The number of kidney disease-related early deaths has decreased. However, the number of those being diagnosed with end stage renal disease continues to rise.

Life January 18, 2016

San Francisco Hospital Suspends Kidney Donor Transplant Program After Death

The UCSF Medical Center halted its living donor program for kidney transplant following the death of a donor. Investigations to determine the cause of death are ongoing.

Life December 20, 2015

Doctors Remove Hair Pin Piercing Kidney Of Four-Year-Old Boy

X-ray results of a 4-year-old boy who had been complaining of abdominal pain revealed a hair pin piercing through his kidney. The child said he swallowed the foreign object one month before his signs and symptoms developed.

Life November 8, 2015

Poor Sleep May Harm Your Kidney, Says Study

Kidney function may be compromised with disrupted sleep as many bodily processes follow a natural daily rhythm based on regular sleep-wake cycles. The risks of poor sleep were found to be interconnected and included chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Life November 7, 2015

Texan Doctors Pull Off Landmark Skull And Scalp Transplant

A software developer from Texas received the first skull and scalp transplant before receiving life-saving pancreas and kidney transplants. The patient has a rare form of cancer that affected the muscles under his scalp.

Life June 5, 2015

Colorado Man Advertises Need For Kidney On Truck

A man from Colorado posted an advertisement on the back of his pickup truck for possible kidney donors to his wife. A picture of the sign went viral, leading to countless calls from interested donors.

Life April 1, 2015

Doctors Complete Difficult Six-Way Kidney Swap In San Francisco

Twelve people experienced a life-changing event as they underwent a six-way kidney swap, the largest in California. Doctors successfully completed the procedure Friday, making history for CPMC.

Life March 7, 2015

Doctors in UK Perform First Organ Transplant from Newborn

In a groundbreaking medical procedure, doctors in the UK have transplanted a 6 day old baby's kidney and liver cells to two different recipients after her heart stopped beating.

Life January 21, 2015

Type 1 Diabetes Shortens Life of Individuals by as much as 11 to 13 Years

Individuals with type 1 diabetes may lose up to 13 years of their life to the disease. People with good kidney function and who take proper care of the disease may also lose up to eight years of their life to type 1 diabetes.

Life January 7, 2015

Kidney stones put people at risk for bone fractures

Kidney stones may make bone fractures more common, but who is most at risk?

Life October 25, 2014

Hot temps bring on kidney stones, claims new study, and so does cold temps in some cities

Research report reveals a link between hot days and kidney stone ailments in various cities. As mean daily temperatures rose above 50 F, it seems the risk of kidney stone presentation increased in all the cities except Los Angeles.

Life July 11, 2014

30 patients die every day because of acute kidney injury in UK hospitals: Report

Although such injuries are avoidable, more than 30 people die needlessly from such incidents per day. The high death toll is largely attributed to poor hospital care, the study says.

Life April 23, 2014

Depression among diabetics linked to higher risk of kidney disease

A new study from the University of Washington has found a link between depression and kidney disease among diabetics, with sufferers of Type 2 diabetes and major depression 85 percent more likely to develop renal failure.

Life March 28, 2014

Paying kidney donors may be cost effective: Research

A recent research indicates that paying kidney donors can be cost effective in the long term.

Society October 27, 2013

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