Yep, there is still dating in the afterlife. A female user is haunting Tinder with hilarious pictures that make her appear as if she is a ghost. What's even more surprising is that guys continue to hit on her.

Grace Spelman, a 22-year-old actress and comedian, decided to sign up for Tinder with the sole purpose of convincing men she is actually a ghost.

Spelman tweeted her idea on Dec. 14th as a joke. It wasn't until during her finals that she decided to make the idea a reality as a "form of procrastination."

In her Tinder photos, Spelman edited in a swirling effect that makes her face a blurred apparition. "I haven't felt the temptation to partake of succulent human flesh since my execution for crimes against humanity," her character, which is loosely based on herself, writes in the bio.

She then began swiping to the right so that she can interact with as many living men as humanly possible, receiving over 20 messages from men who were "confused, but aroused."

"A lot of men would start off angry. They would begin our conversations already upset at the fact that they were being trolled," Spelman says. However, most men were swiping to the right, hitting on her with the intention to meet her. Some men proved to be just straight up creepy. "Online dating has taught me there are a lot of unfunny men out there," she says.

Spelman shared her ghost adventure on Twitter with hopes that men will stop being so creepy in 2015.

[Photo Credit: Grace Spelman/ Twitter]

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