Amazon Prime Perks: Subscribers Get 10 Percent Discount On Sale Items At Whole Foods


Amazon's 2017 acquisition of Whole Foods Market pays off with a significant discount for Prime members. Qualified individuals will enjoy 10 percent off sale items.

A $13.7 Billion Buyout

The online retailer recently announced its plans to add more features to its membership program. According to the company, it is not only limited to the aforementioned 10 percent discount, as members will also enjoy additional deep discounts on best sellers every week.

The initial rollout will be available to branches of the supermarket chain located in Florida, while other stores across the United States are expected to follow this summer. Collectively, the business has over 470 stores in the United States, UK, and Canada.

Starting Off With Discounts

Industry analysts point out that the Amazon Prime discounts are just a small part of Amazon's strategy. The company plans to attract customers with lower prices and hope that the same people will likewise purchase regularly priced items while they're at it.

Experts suggest that the online retailer wants to give buyers an impression that overall prices for items sold by Whole Foods Market are lower than the competition. Historically, the company has priced its most in-demand items aggressively to seemingly offer the optimal prices.

Furthermore, the added bonus provided to members arrives just in time when the membership price went up from $99 to $119 annually. However, this increase only applies to new subscribers, as existing ones still get to enjoy all the benefits until their next renewal.

More Bang For The Buck

Amazon wants to make it hard for the American public to not sign up for its membership program. Existing perks can be applied to the new ones being offered by the supermarket chain. For the past nine months since its acquisition, anyone qualified enjoyed discounts close to 50 percent on selected items.

An additional incentive is being extended to members in 10 U.S. cities (more will be reportedly added within the year) who can avail a free two-hour delivery of food items. Another 5 percent discount on all purchases is applicable for Amazon Prime Rewards Visa owners.

Other Amazon Products

Now that Whole Foods Market is owned by Amazon, its physical stores now accept product returns and even feature Amazon Lockers. Consumer electronics such as the Echo speakers and Fire TV are also available for purchase.

"This new Prime benefit at Whole Foods Market is a perfect pairing of healthy and delicious food at even more affordable prices," said Cem Sibay, Amazon Prime vice president. "Our vision is that every day Prime makes your life better, easier and more fun, and shopping at Whole Foods Market with exclusive deals and savings is all this and more."

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