iPhone X Tesla Has A Built-In Solar Panel, But You'll Need $4,500 To Buy It


Mobile wireless charging is so last year. Solar charging is the future — at least, that's what Caviar thinks.

A high-end accessory producer from Russia, the company is launching what it calls the iPhone X Tesla, which is its first smartphone that has an integrated solar panel on the rear.

A Case Bundled With iPhone X

Spotted first by AppleInsider, Caviar isn't just selling a case, but the iPhone X along with the Tesla. With that under consideration, the thickness of the device measures at 0.63 inches, instead of the original 0.3 inches. Thanks to that, there's enough space to keep the handset's rear camera bump in a recess. By the same token, it weighs at 0.57 pounds, up from 0.37 pounds.

As for the solar panel, it's connected to a battery that can send juice to the iPhone X's battery at a tap of a button, and it's shock resistant to boot. Made out of carbon fiber, the case itself is touted to have an IP67 dust and water resistance.


While it's called "Tesla," it doesn't have any connection with Tesla. It was named to honor the company's cofounder Elon Musk, though.

"The development in the sphere of creating solar batteries, smart homes, equipped with such batteries and vehicles working on the electricity, is actively carried out by Elon Musk today — the main mastermind of the Tesla Company; in honor of his great innovative developments, the new Caviar phone was named," the product page description reads.

Caviar was inspired by the "three men of science," one of which is Musk. The other two are Nikola Tesla and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs.

Now the Tesla isn't called a luxury accessory for nothing. The 64 GB model of the iPhone X Tesla is priced at 284,000 rubles (roughly $4,550), while the 256 GB variant is at 299,000 rubles (roughly $4,800). Those haven't taken local taxes and custom duties into account either.

Despite the price, Caviar is selling more of its product than first planned. Originally, it was going to make only 99 units, but the amount of preorders it has received shot the numbers up to 999, according to AppleInsider. The accessory maker is also said to give the first unit it manufactured to Musk.

It's also worth mentioning that Caviar is the brain behind the Samsung Supremo Putin Rubino.

With all said and done, what do you think of this avant-garde accessory maker of sorts? Feel free to hit us up in the comments section below and let us know.

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