Holographic RED Hydrogen One Phone Will Be Released On AT&T And Verizon This Summer


RED's Hydrogen One smartphone will be available on AT&T and Verizon this summer but no release date has announced. No pricing information was given with the announcement about the availability either.

RED's Hydrogen One is one of the more mysterious phones given that not much is known about the phone.

AT&T And Verizon Carrying The RED Hydrogen One

AT&T announced that it would be carrying the RED Hydrogen One. In its announcement of carrying the phone, AT&T describes it as a holographic display device. Kevin Petersen, a senior vice president at AT&T calls the RED Hydrogen One a revolutionary smartphone and says that it will change the way that people create and consume content.

AT&T doesn't give a release date for the phone but it says that it will give consumers a demo of the Hydrogen One at AT&T SHAPE at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles on June 2-3. They will be previewing the phone to the public showing games, movies, and other content that will be available on it. It put up a link to register for the event.

Simultaneously Verizon announced that it would also be carrying the RED Hydrogen One. In its press release for the announcement, Verizon also plays up the phone's ability to have a holographic display. Verizon also doesn't give a release date for the phone.

In the press release, Verizon says that the Hydrogen One will be available later this year. It gives users a link to a page where they can sign up to receive email updates about the Hydrogen One. It calls the phone cutting-edge technology that can't be described.

RED Hydrogen One Details

Not much is known about the RED Hydrogen One beside the specs. Its holographic 3D without glasses screen has never been previewed before. One person made a video about the phone, showing off that it is real but that person didn't show off its screen capabilities.

When it was announced in 2017 two prices were listed on the pre-order website. For the titanium model it would cost $1,595, and for the aluminum model, it would cost $1,295. RED is no longer accepting pre-orders for the phone.

The Hydrogen One was previously delayed because it was waiting for carrier certification which it just received. In a forum post from January regarding the phone. RED said that they didn't have an official shipping date yet because they were at the mercy of the certification process.

The pre-ordered phones are expected to arrive before the AT&T and Verizon models for consumers.

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