Samsung's New Ad Makes Fun Of Apple's iPhone Throttling Issue


Samsung releases an ad telling the same story of a person getting fed up with an iPhone and deciding to upgrade to a Galaxy.

This time, the South Korean company is mocking Apple over the throttling controversy in old iPhones.

Samsung Mocks the iPhone 6 in a 2018 Ad

The video shows a woman still using the iPhone 6, which lags when she's showing her boarding pass to the TSA agent. The woman next in line, however, breezes through the process with a Galaxy S9.

On the plane, the exasperated iPhone user gives up trying to watch a show because the TV app takes too long to load. On the other hand, her seatmate who has the Samsung flagship is watching a high-definition video without hiccups.

Upon arriving at her destination where she's soaking wet from the pouring rain, she hops into the wrong Uber car because her app does not load quickly enough. She eventually gets into the right car after getting rained on again, then she asks the driver to stop by an Apple store.

She asks the employee if they can fix her phone, which they reveal to be slow because of battery throttling. She has two solutions: turn off the performance-management feature, which then causes unexpected shutdowns, or upgrade.

She opts for the latter, but she buys a Samsung Galaxy S9 instead.

"When your lagging phone does you wrong, you gotta move on," says the description of the video.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Ad Fails To Impress

Although a bit late, the one-minute Samsung ad is mocking the battery throttling issue, which Apple had to apologize for in December. When the performance-management feature was discovered in 2017, customers accused Apple of slowing down old iPhones on purpose to force users to upgrade to the latest flagships.

This resulted in dozens of class-action lawsuits. Samsung might be targeting those who were unhappy with this news and those holding back on buying the iPhone X. The video further demonstrates this by bringing back the guy with the notch haircut from the Galaxy Note 8 advertisement, which mocked the iPhone X.

However, some fans consider the ad to be in bad taste considering that the whole video is throwing shots at a smartphone that's almost 4 years old. Some also point out that the woman's issue could be easily fixed with $30 as the Apple employee should have offered to replace the battery at that cost.

Also, others also noted that when compared to other Samsung ads, this one fails to be creative.

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