Google Diminishes 'Don’t Be Evil' In Company’s New Code Of Conduct, According To Report


Google is making a significant change to its Code of Conduct. It has diminished three crucial words that have guided the company for years.

The Fading Power Of 'Don't Be Evil'

Media outlet Gizmodo found that Google's unofficial slogan, "Don't Be Evil" has been severely diminished in the technology company's latest version of the Code of Conduct. The media outlet found out about the phrase's elimination by using Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. Gizmodo found that the technology company removed the phrase between near the end of April and early May.

The phrase has been ingrained in Google's company culture since it was first used in 2000. In fact, several company insiders noted that it was frequently used throughout the company. 4,000 employees referenced the unofficial motto in an internal petition to company CEO Sundar Pichai on removing Google from its contract with the Pentagon. Company insiders also added that the updated version of the phrase was used as the Wi-fi password for its transportation to its Mountain View, California headquarters.

A Tale Of Two Codes

The Wayback Machine found the updated Code of Conduct on the company Google's parent company, Alphabet's website through a May 4 entry. The updated version's first two paragraphs address that the company standards will be measured against the ethical business conduct. They also mention that Google's various touchstone practices would assist in all aspects of the company that range from the hiring process to attracting users. The only time that "Don't Be Evil" is even mentioned is at the end of the document.

Google's original Code of Conduct used the sacred phrase in the first two paragraphs that explained the company's mission. The company policy encouraged employees to help give Google users access to information without showing any biases and give everyone the best quality of service. They also added essential words about having a strong moral compass and advised to follow the law, act honorably, and respect their co-workers.

Google Corner

In addition to updating the Code of Conduct, the company announced a new tool for its Google Wi-Fi network called Network Check. It would check the quality of their houses and apartments' Wi-Fi network. Network Check can identify dead zones and connections of household items that incorporate Wi-Fi such as outdoor security cameras and smart TVs. Google Wi-Fi was created in hopes to replace the traditional Wi-Fi router.

Google Chrome announced that in September, it would remove the Secure URL label from its platform in September. In an official blog post, Google Chrome officials stated that users would notice that websites with HTTPS designation would no longer have the green "Secure" text and lock that appear in the URL bar. The Google Chrome representative stated that it was doing this because they believe that Google's web browser users know that they would be warned if they went to a suspicious website.

Tech Times reached out to Google for a comment on this story.

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