Apple will unveil Siri improvements and a new HomePod model at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, according to Siri herself.

There have been rumors that a new Apple HomePod is in the works. Is Siri teasing that the cheaper HomePod will be unveiled at WWDC 2018?

WWDC 2018: Siri Gets New Voice, Becomes Smarter

The Apple Post discovered that Siri is providing clues to what Apple has planned for this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. All you have to do is to ask the digital assistant.

"Tell me about WWDC," asked The Apple Post's Nathan Simpson. "La la la, Siri is getting a brand new voice," Siri replied. It is unclear, however, what the new voice will sound like, and if it will replace the robotic female voice as the default one.

A new voice for Siri is apparently not the only improvement that will be rolled out for the digital assistant.

"I don't want to brag, but I'm getting a lot smarter. It must be all that late night studying I've been doing..." Siri also answers when asked the same question. The limited capabilities of Siri have been criticized, especially when compared to Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. It looks like Siri will be closing the gap, though Apple fans will likely have to wait until WWDC 2018 to find out all about the planned Siri improvements.

Cheaper Apple HomePod To Be Unveiled?

Another answer to the same question asked by Simpson, meanwhile, is related to new hardware.

"I'm gonna have a shiny new home. Well, not really shiny, more meshy and matte," Siri teases. Is the digital assistant referring to the rumored cheaper HomePod?

There have been previous reports that Apple is working on a cheaper HomePod, and the latest report claims that the price tag of the new HomePod model will go down from the current $349 to $199. However, the report claims that the new device will be released under the Beats brand, which might be a case of the supplier source confusing the new Apple HomePod with a new Beats speaker with AirPlay 2.

Apple WWDC 2018: When Will It Happen?

The annual Worldwide Developers Conference is the most appropriate place for Apple to unveil Siri changes, alongside a new product that will look to take advantage of the improvements reportedly coming to the digital assistant.

WWDC 2018 will take place from June 4 to June 8 in San Jose California. Apple has broadcast a livestream of the WWDC opening keynote in recent years, and the company will likely maintain that trend for this year's edition.

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