Legrand Radiant Lets You Convert A Wall Outlet Into An iPhone Wireless Charger


Legrand unveils its Radiant wall plate with a wireless charger for the iPhone, designed to replace any standard outlet in any home.

Legrand Introduces Industry's First In-Wall Wireless Charger

The wall plate comes with a Qi-certified wireless charger, a USB port, and two AC receptacles. It works the exact way that a wireless charger works, except that it is the first in the industry to offer an in-wall solution.

"We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new Wireless Charger that provides consumers with added convenience, reliability and fast-charging capability," said Rebecca Gounaris, director for marketing. "With this introduction, the radiant collection offers more innovative solutions to complement the evolving consumer charging needs at home."

Installation of the Radiant wireless charger requires no additional or special wiring, which makes it easy for homeowners to make the switch. It blends in seamlessly with any design in which buyers can choose between Ivory, Light Almond, white, and black color options.

The wall plate has an attached piece of clear plastic that prevents the phone from falling when using the wireless charger. Even with it, Legrand makes sure that it maintains that sleek look.

It has a charging capacity of 3.1A that is shared between the USB port and the wireless charger. It should be able to provide 15W of power for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X that all accept up to 7.5W.

In addition to the iPhones, the Radiant Wireless Charger is also compatible with any Qi-enabled device, including smartphones from Samsung, LG, Sony, and other market leaders.

Legrand's Radiant Wireless Charger Provides A Unique Solution

Legrand's in-wall Wireless Charger is a pretty permanent solution compared to other wireless chargers that users can simply plug in. It might also be a little inconvenient for those who have the iPhone X, which relies on gestures.

According to the company, however, the advantage is that it can free up counter space that a wireless charger or a smartphone would have taken up. Some have commented that having a plugged-in device gets in the way too much, especially if users only want to listen to music or look at a recipe without spilling everything on the phone.

The concept is pretty cool, but it is not the solution for everyone. Those who see it as a helpful item can purchase one for around $70 to $80. It is available at Lowe's and Fry's Electronics among other retailers in the United States and Canada.

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