Paradox Interactive announces its plans to make Crusader Kings franchise as a tabletop board game through Kickstarter.

Grabbing Gaming Headlines

Reports confirm that the announcement came shortly after the developer had revealed several DLCs that are on the way. Stellaris, a sci-fi exploration game is scheduled to get Distant Stars on Tuesday. Other add-ons such as Holy Fury for Crusader Kings II and Dharma for Europa Universalis IV are expected to drop sometime this year.

Additionally, the game studio revealed to fans that a new video game called Imperator Rome is scheduled to come out next year.

A Surprise Treat For Fans

Amid the number of projects announced by Paradox Interactive, fans might have been surprised to hear that one of its acclaimed titles got a crowdfunding campaign. According to DualShockers, the move appears to be the company's sneaky strategy to drain gamers from all their funds.

The history-based strategy game has its fair share of gamers who either love it or hate it. Yet, it seems that there are more of the former, hence, a board game is in the pipeline courtesy of Kickstarter.

Among its fans, Crusader Kings is known to be a complex game that requires its players to invest a lot of time to progress. Therefore, the developers made some adjustments to keep gameplay around two to three hours, with up to five players.

Crowdfunding Details

As of this writing, the game's crowdfunding page shows that its $57,057 goal was met with 29 days to go. A total of $1 66,567 was collected from 1,973 backers to put it way past its target. A total of five stretch goals were revealed, four of which were already met.

It means that those who purchase the Royal Edition of the board game will get four additional plastic figures such as the Longbow invention, the Steward councilor, the Chancellor councilor, and the Court Physician councilor.

For now, the only extra figure that remains locked is the Marshal councilor. However, given the ample amount of time and the steady influx of supporters, it won't be long until all five additional figures become available.

Gameplay And Availability

A detailed overview is available on the official Kickstarter page for those interested in how the board game version of Crusader Kings works. It is being worked on by Paradox Interactive alongside Free League Publishing. Several reports noted that the company plans to make the final product available for purchase, albeit at selected retail outlets only.

Backers can expect the item to start shipping this November unless production encounters any unforeseen factors that could affect its delivery date. The game studio also plans to create tabletop versions of its other video games such as Hearts of Iron, Europa Universalis, and Cities Skylines.

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