Fortnite's Popular Guided Missile Is Temporarily Disabled Because Of An Animation Issue


One of the features that players apparently love about Fortnite Battle Royale is the assortment of weapons. However, the guided missile will be disabled temporarily.

It comes as a surprise to all the players of the open-world survival shooter as the aforementioned weapon is quite popular. Not only does the game feature a large number of weapons, but some have special features that make them indispensable during combat. Nevertheless, it was confirmed by Epic Games that the reason for its temporary removal is due to an animation bug.

Reactions To Its Removal

Other than the announcement that the weapon was being disabled due to some unspecified animation problem, there is no follow-up explanation as to how the bug affects gameplay. Despite the developer's assurances that its removal is only temporary, some fans speculate that the game studio plans to remove it for now and intentionally delay its rework until players forget about it.

On the flipside, there are players that believe the weapon might need a rework so that it functions even better. It looks like the ball is out of the public's hand and the only assurance of its return is the promise made by the game studio.

Spectacular Plays Made Possible

In some broadcasted matches in Fortnite Battle Royale, there are instances wherein the player shoots a guided missile and other players can hop on for a ride. Many different approaches can be taken with this method and it usually involves getting over obstacles to attack an enemy fortification. The projectile itself has limited fuel, so it has to be strategically fired at just the right distance.

The missile also explodes on impact, which opens up enemy units that barricaded themselves within a structure. Some gamers opt to ride the rocket and shoot people from above. Players can get creative and come up with new ways to maximize the weapon's features.

Meanwhile, Epic Games previously confirmed that there is a possibility that some weapons might be removed to balance out the gameplay. This most likely refers to overpowered weapons that are usually exploited and being reported in the official forums.

New Items Incoming

The news that Fortnite Battle Royale developer temporarily removed the guided missile follows shortly after their recent announcement of new content. Epic Games revealed that the next update, which brings the game to version 3.5 will see the Port-a-Fort item along with other tweaks and cosmetic goodies.

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