Activision slowly teases more details about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 as Treyarch shares its plans to improve the game and add new features.

Started Off As Rumors

When the year started, gaming publications speculated that the developer was hard at work on another installment of the popular shooter. It was followed by rumors that the publisher might release a sequel to one of its most popular sub-franchise. Reports from insiders suggested that the Black Ops series needed a follow-up title.

Leaks Leading Up To The Announcement

Back in March, NBA player James Harden practically confirmed the fourth game when he sported a baseball cap with the "IIII" logo, which shortly came after a set of leaks supposedly revealed merchandise related to the game.

Most gamers believe that all of those were intended to generate hype about the game before it was officially confirmed on March 8. It was soon followed by another announcement that dated its official Community Reveal event on May 17 and its release date on Oct. 12.

Planned Changes And New Features

Activision's decision to release Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 a month earlier is a bit of a surprise for fans. It claims that it moved the launch date due to the fan demand, which is backed by numbers that show over 15 billion hours played and over 200 million players.

The game studio likewise confirmed that fan-favorite Multiplayer and Zombies game modes are intact with a few innovations included for good measure. Surprisingly, the developers never once mentioned anything about its single-player campaign, which led fans to suspect that the game might not have one, just like the first Titanfall game.

Moreover, it was hinted that the multiplayer mode might include a game mode that is quite popular these days. The publisher agreed that battle royale games continue to soar in popularity, which might hint at the possibility that it will be included alongside the other multiplayer modes.

In-Game Transactions And eSports

Another aspect pointed out by the publisher is the popularity of in-game transactions and seasonal events in Call of Duty: WWII. Its success might be an indicator that the same features might transition over into the new game.

Now that the eSports scene features more first-person shooters such as Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege, and more, Treyarch might have baked in some features that make the game easier to broadcast during tournaments. Comprehensive replay options and spectator modes might be in development to help it adapt easily to the tournament scene.

Most of the information is sourced from insider information about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but everything will be confirmed soon during its Community Reveal in the next two weeks.

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