South African Man Who Claims To Be 114 Years Old Wants To Finally Quit Smoking


The world's oldest man wants to finally quit a bad habit he's engaged in for a long time. Fredie Blom wants to quit smoking at the age of 114 years old.

The World's Oldest Smoker

Blom stated during an interview with BBC news that he is ready to quit the bad habit as he has been smoking at least two to three "pills", tobacco tightly rolled into a cigarette-length piece of newspaper, a day. Blom stated that he doesn't smoke cigarettes, but he does smoke his own tobacco.

The 114-year-old man claimed that the urge to smoke was "strong" and that he blamed "the devil" for why he couldn't overcome his addiction.

Blom, who worked until he was in 80's, was a farm laborer and is considered to be in good health despite his smoking habits. The South African native gave up drinking years ago. Although Blom has documents stating that he was born in 1904, he has yet to be considered the world's oldest person" by the Guinness World of Records.

Violet Moss-Brown, who died in September 2017 at the age of 117, was the last woman to hold the title. In April of this year, Guinness named Masazo Nonaka, from Japan, the world's oldest living man. Nonaka is from Japan.

Guinness stated to the Washington Post that Blom is not being considered for the award, however, is he welcome to apply.

The Secret Of Longevity

Blom claims that he has no secret to his longevity but has become a local celebrity among his community in Cape Town. Blom has been married to his wife, Janetta, who is 29 years his junior, for 48 years. His wife also claims that Blom is in good health and has only been to the hospital once when he had a problem with his knees. Blom's wife claimed that many didn't believe that her husband was as old as he claimed to be.

His wife also stated that he doesn't eat anything "special" and but he likes to consume meat and vegetables for dinner.

Blom states that he does have problems putting on his shoes at times and needs his grandson to assist him in shaving his beard. He is still strong enough to bathe himself and spends most of his days not doing much around the house.

"I can't do anything - I can't even get on a ladder any longer. I just sit around. I don't have time for the nonsense that's on TV," Blom stated

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