'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice': Amy Adams Thinks Ben Affleck Looks 'HOT' as Bruce Wayne


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is done filming. The movie is currently in post-production development and should be completed in 2015 for its 2016 release in theaters.

Now, actors and actresses of the movie are not allowed to talk about the film, but that did not stop Amy Adams from talking about Ben Affleck and how he looks as Bruce Wayne. In all honesty, we are not certain how Jennifer Garner might feel about the things Adams had to say.

Moviefone asked Adams what she thought about Affleck as Batman, and her response could one day cause a little bit of strain in the relationship between her and Mrs. Affleck.

"He is hot! Sorry, Jen. I have the utmost respect for your relationship, but he looks fantastic. And the work that I did with him, I think it's going to be great."

She is not the first woman to look at Ben Affleck and totally lose their mind. Gone Girl actress Rosamund Pike also had great things to say about Affleck's physique, and we are sure it does not end here.

So far, we must agree that he looks great as Bruce Wayne and as Batman. Not every actor who wore the cape over the years looked great as both Bruce and the Bats. Affleck is one the few, and we can only hope that his good looks complement good acting.

Apart from Affleck, Adams also talked about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and how she looks great in costume. Not everyone agrees that Gadot looks great as the Amazonian princess due to her slim frame, and they have the right to make their opinion known.

However, Gadot has said in the past that she will gain body mass, so fans of the heroine should not worry too much.

For us, we are more concerned about her acting than anything else. From what we have seen from Gadot in all her movies in the past, she is not that great of an actress, so unless something has changed dramatically, she probably won't give viewers a splendid Wonder Woman performance.

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