Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the man behind titles like Rez Infinite and Lumines, is back with a new game called Tetris Effect.

Sony Announces 'Tetris Effect' For PS4, PSVR

Ahead of the E3 Expo, Sony has announced a new title inspired by Tetris, one of the most popular games of all time.

Sony unveiled the new game Tetris Effect via an incredibly trippy and mesmerizing trailer during a PlayStation livestream on Wednesday, June 6. The game will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR this fall.

However, gamers will be able to try their hands on the game at E3, which kicks off in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 12.

Named After The Scientific Phenomenon

The title of the game is inspired by the scientific phenomenon of the same name, which occurs when people spend so much time and attention on a game or an activity. It starts to affect their thoughts, and they start seeing it everywhere.

For instance, Tetris players reported visualizing the game's iconic puzzle pieces in the real world well after playing the classic game, such as how one box of cereal would fit perfectly in a row at a supermarket. Tetris Effect is designed to stimulate the same effect but with breathtaking visuals.

"The idea behind Tetris Effect, the game, is to amplify and enhance that same magical feeling where you just can't get it out of your head, and not just the falling shapes, but all the visuals, the sounds, the music - everything!" Mizuguchi said on the PlayStation blog.

Gameplay, Game Modes, And New Features

The game will have more than 30 levels and each element, including the background, audio, visual effects, as well as the Tetris blocks, will "pulse, dance, shimmer, make music, explode, etc. in perfect sync" with how one is playing. Mizuguchi added that everything in the trailer is in-game visuals.

Tetris Effect will feature some of the fan-favorite game modes of the classic 80s tile-matching puzzle game, including Marathon, Sprint, and Ultra. In addition, there will be brand new modes, which will be announced later.

The game will also include new features such as "The Zone" in which players have the ability to freeze time (and falling Tetris tiles). This can be particularly helpful when players need to get out of a sticky situation that could cause the game to end or wipe out an extra line to earn bonus points.

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