Rez is getting a PS4/PSVR release as Rez Infinite, and to make a big splash in the scene, a physical edition and an awesome vinyl album are going to hit the shelves, courtesy of iam8bit.

News of the Dreamcast classic getting an HD remake is stirring up the loyal following of the game, and needless to say, it's got a lot of fans on the edge of their seats.

Physical Edition

The physical release will exclusively be available via iam8bit, and the region-free edition will hold users back by $39.99. It should be pointed out that this is a "limited run" only, so anyone who really wants to nab it better plan ahead and preorder it as soon as it goes up.

Digital Edition

At first, Rez Infinite was only expected to land on the digital storefront via the PlayStation Store, but the recent development obviously says otherwise.

Now, this option is the perfect choice for fans who are on a tight budget, as it costs $10 less than the physical version.

Vinyl Album

Making the headlines is the vinyl album that comes with a ton of other goodies, coming in as a collector's edition. First off, the soundtrack will be on two LPs along with a 7-inch record that contains music from Area X, a new level that got added in with the re-release.

On top of those, there's also a 48-page retrospective art book filled with concept art and interviews of the creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, some members of the original development team behind Rez and the new group that worked on Area X.

As expected, this is the priciest out of the bunch at $75, but die-hard fans can go further with the limited edition picture disc at $85, where only 1,000 copies are going to be shipped out.

Other Products

The fun doesn't end yet, though. Los Angeles-based iam8bit is also releasing two kinds of pins at $10 a pop, a shirt designed by Enhance Games designer Phil Fish at $24 and another shirt that costs $28.

As for availability, the physical release, merchandise and the vinyl album are going up for preorder at 9 a.m. PDT on Aug. 19. They are expected to start shipping out in October, but picture disc vinyl is coming a little later in December.

Are you going to pick up Rez Infinite and any related products? If so, feel free to hit us up in the comments section below and let us know.

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