New Images Hint Pixel 3 May Get Wireless Charging


It looks like the next Google smartphone will finally get wireless charging among other features after leaks show several images of the Pixel 3.

New Material Could Confirm The Feature

Reports reveal that several images of what appears to be a prototype model of the upcoming device were posted on XDA-Developers. Sources also confirm that meraz9000, a senior member of the forums, was responsible for the leaked photos.

The same user claims that the new device drops the aluminum and glass construction of its predecessors. In the meantime, the handset will still retain the familiar design of the outgoing models that come with a glass window on top of the metal portion of its rear cover.

Instead of mixed materials, the new device will feature a rear panel made of entirely out of glass. Moreover, its rear cover will showcase a two-tone texture finish to emulate the original design. The upper window portion will flaunt a glossy finish, while the lower half will sport a matte texture finish.

The designer's decision to switch to an all-glass back cover implies that wireless charging could be one of its new features.

A Premium Flagship Device With All The Bells And Whistles

Wireless charging is one of the most requested features consumers wanted on the Pixel 2. Most industry experts were actually surprised that Google failed to include it when the second-generation model came out. The feature has long been available to most Flagship Android smartphones, which Apple eventually included on the latest iPhones.

The search company presumably realizes this oversight and will hopefully include it when the Pixel 3 makes its debut this year. Tech-savvy users likewise dug around the newest Android P developer preview and found out that the Active Edge feature of the second generation model will likely return on the new handset.

The same XDA Developers user who leaked the photos claims that the Google Pixel 3 XL prototype vibrated when the frame was squeezed. Furthermore, the software component that controls the Active Edge function includes two new codenames. A preview of the bootloader screen reveals that codename crosshatch stands for the Pixel 3 XL, while codename blueline is most likely the smaller variant.

More Software Clues Discovered

In addition to the Glass back panel of the Google Pixel 3, an engineering decision to presumably allow wireless charging, sources confirm that the same SystemUIGoogle.APK file lists two states. The first one shows DOCK_IDLE and the next one is DOCK_ACTIVE.

Experts advise consumers that nothing has been finalized yet regarding the upcoming smartphone. Sometimes, the manufacturers can add or remove features before they make the official announcement for a new product. Therefore, the leaked information could change down the line.

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