E3 2018: ‘Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu!’ And ‘Let’s Go Eevee’ — Poké Ball Plus Details Revealed


Announced this past May, the new Poké Ball Plus controller is an accessory for the upcoming Pokémon Switch games Let's Go Eevee! and Let's Go Pikachu! that players can use as a full-fledged controller and Poké Walker.

Poké Ball Plus

It'll be used mainly to capture Pokémon in the games, but Nintendo now confirms that it can also serve as a standard controller. That's right — both Let's Go Eevee! and Let's Go Pikachu! can be played using just this controller alone if players prefer. Not only that, but the device also lights up and shakes, and when the player stores a Pokémon inside, it will make noises, which definitely gives a more realistic Pokémon experience.

For what seems like nothing more than a toy, the accessory actually feels finely engineered, according to TechCrunch's Lucas Matney, who was able to try using it at Nintendo's E3 booth in Los Angeles, California.

"Build-wise this thing feels nice and hefty with an experience that feels a bit more immersive than using a Joy-Con because you are holding a little ball rather than flicking a controller," Matney writes.

It Comes With A Free Pokémon

The Poké Ball Plus will come with a free Pokémon right off the bat — and not just any Pokémon too. It's Mew, one of the most iconic Legendaries in the history of the franchise. That's right, players: you can start your Kanto adventures with Mew as your main creature, which feels rather special considering how hard it is to obtain Mew in previous games.

Other Things You Should Know About The Poké Ball Plus

Here are some other details about the accessory you should know:

• It has a stronger HD rumble effect than standard Joy-Con controllers.

• Mew can't be obtained in the game, only via Poké Ball Plus.

• It charges via USB Type-C and lasts up to six hours in one go.

• It has a strap, so it doesn't go flying off when used to catch Pokémon.

• It can be paired with Pokémon GO to catch even more creatures.

Poké Ball Plus Bundle

The Poké Ball Plus costs $50 when purchased standalone, but Nintendo is offering a $100 bundle that includes the accessory plus a copy of either Let's Go Eevee! or Let's Go Pikachu!

Both games and the Poké Ball Plus will launch this Nov. 16. Make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

Thoughts about Let's Go Eevee! or Let's Go Pikachu! and the Poké Ball Plus controller? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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