Nintendo Switch Getting 2 New Pokemon Games: Pokemon Quest And Pokemon Let's Go


Not content with just announcing the release of one new Pokemon game for the Switch, Nintendo has announced a new type of Pokemon game called Pokemon Quest. Pokemon Quest is unlike any other Pokemon game released before and it is free.

Pokemon Quest is already available for the Switch.

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest takes place in a new world called Tumblecube Island. Players will be able to create and build base camps and recruit new Pokemon to their teams. As they set out into the world, players will be able to have a set of three Pokemon.

One of the biggest changes from other Pokemon games is the art style. Pokemon Quest features a voxel art style, which puts a cubed art style in a three-dimensional world. Previous Pokemon games feature 2D and 3D art styles that are more realistic. At the announcement, the Pokemon Company called the art style of the Pokemon, Pokexel.

Another departure from previous games is that Pokemon Quest will not feature a turn-based combat system. It will limit the control that players have the Pokemon on their teams by only allowing them to tap attack meters once they're full. The Pokemon will attack enemy Pokemon on their own.

During the announcement, it was said that Pokemon Quest will be free to start. which most likely means that it will probably employ a freemium model. It is already available with the Nintendo Switch with a mobile version of the game being released at the end of June 2018.

Just like Pokemon Go when it was first released, it will feature only the original 151 Pokemon that were found in the Kanto region. It is unknown if there are plans to integrate future generations of Pokemon down the line but it seems like a possibility.

More Pokemon Games

Nintendo had previously announced a new Pokemon game set to come out in November 2018 that has two different versions. Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee are based on the seminal Gameboy title Pokemon Yellow. It is set in the Kanto region just like the original game.

The system used in the game to capture Pokemon seems based on the system used in Pokemon GO. Familiar settings and characters are back for the new game that will let trainers run around and catch Pokemon along with battling other trainers.

These two games aren't the only ones set to come out for the Switch. A new Pokemon RPG will be released in 2019 that will be more in line with the main Pokemon titles.

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