47-Year-Old Man Gets Strange Lesion Inside Of His Mouth From Performing Oral Sex


A regular trip to the dentist's office left a man from Mexico stunned after dentists found a strange wound in his mouth. The unnamed man had no idea that the mark was there, but what shocked him more was how the red mark came to be.

A Peculiar Dentist Visit

The man went to visit the School of Dentistry at the Universidad de Montemorelos for a routine check-up after he noticed a filling in his tooth was cracked. While dentists were examing his mouth, they stumbled upon a red circular mark in his mouth. The man was asked by the dentists about the mark and he responded that he was unaware of the mark and it didn't cause him any pain.

The man informed his dentist that he used marijuana and was very sexually active with men. He went on to elaborate that he had been with a man three days prior to his dentist visit and performed oral sex on him. The medical experts concluded that the lesion in the man's mouth was an erythema that he contracted from giving oral sex.

The finding was published in the BMJ case report and was lead by Dr. Luis Alberto Mendez, who treated the anonymous patient.

"The contact of the palate with the penile glands may cause a hematoma due to blunt trauma and dilatation of the blood vessels because of the negative pressure created while sucking," Dr. Mendez stated.

This Has Happened Before

Dr. Mendez continued that from the information gathered, the dentists figured that the erythema on the soft palate was associated with oral sex but it didn't cause any symptoms that's why the man was unaware of the lesion.

The dentists informed the patient that the lesion would go away on its own and a decrease in redness from the mark should be noticed a week after his visit. The doctors did suggest that the man stay away from oral sex for a few days. After 15 days, the lesion was gone and the man was able to continue his sex life.

This isn't the first time this occurred. In Peru, a study was conducted on 132 workers where 17 of the participants suffered from lesions that were caused by oral sex.

Dr. Mendez stated that lesions can occur from using a wind instrument and that it is important for health officials to obtain information conduct a detailed examination of anyone suffering from oral lesions. He continued that health officials should also offer to counsel for people engaging in any high-risk sexual behavior.

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