Your Google Pixelbook Could Soon Run Windows 10


A substantial number of consumers already love and support the Google Pixelbook, but could soon grow even bigger when the device finally runs Windows 10

Giving Users More Options

The premium notebook is the search company's premium device specifically made to for Chrome OS, but some users reportedly feel that the software is somewhat underpowered. Common topics among forums suggest that the machine would attract more buyers if only it could run Microsoft's operating system.

Well, it seems that the developers are aware of where the product currently stands and are open to giving the feedback a shot. Insiders imply that the manufacturer is working to get its product certified to run the alternative OS.

It sounds like great news for owners who would rather go through the official channels rather than hack their systems and risk its warranty.

The Proof Is In The Code

Reports regarding the possibility of Windows 10 running on a Google Pixelbook are hardly just rumors. Sources claim the evidence can be found in the documentation submitted by Chrome OS developers. It appears the code-word for the project is AltOS, which presumably means users could choose to boot the system on any of the two operating systems.

Moreover, the developers also listed Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) and Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK), which means is undergoing the certification process from Microsoft. Once completed, this will make an already versatile machine even more flexible. Owners can both install and run Android apps and switch to the other software to run its natively supported programs.

It is interesting to note that there were rumors about this feature a few months ago. Now, it looks like there is ample proof that it will eventually become reality in the near future.

A Strong Marketing Push

On the flipside, there are sources who believe that the Google Pixelbook's dual-boot project is intended to help the company sell the device. It is not like Microsoft needs to expand its reach with Windows 10 given that it is already on a majority of computers.

Industry analysts predict that it is about time the pricey notebook receives a new feature that will improve its usability. The manufacturer has yet to confirm if all of it is official, which is why everything will remain hearsay until further notice.

Meanwhile, there are some hardware limitations that might hinder its application. Due to the resource-intensive nature of Windows 10, the Pixelbook's processor might affect its performance and theoretically overheat, which is possible due to the absence of any cooling components.

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