Google Home continues to receive more enhancements that improve its capabilities. A new update now allows it to perform three commands at any given time.

Living Up To Its Promises

By now, its common knowledge that almost every tech company is working on projects that are intended to push the limits of machine learning. Notable companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and Google are respectively coming up with new features making the technology essential.

Last month, during the 2018 I/O event, the search company mostly flaunted how they have taken artificial intelligence forward. People around the world were reportedly floored when Duplex took center stage to showcase its ability to navigate the complex nuances of human conversation. Moreover, it was immediately followed by complaints about how it violated human ethics and more.

Nevertheless, the virtual assistant now comes with an upgrade that will presumably make it easier for users to ask it to do more.

Giving Users More Multitasking

Despite the numbers showing that there are more Amazon Alexa-enabled devices in establishments and households, Google Assistant is still a popular choice for most users. Most people would agree that the Duplex reveal drew most of the attention during the I/O 2018 keynote, but sources point out that multiple commands and overall improvements were also on the agenda.

The announcement confirms that up to three commands at a time are now supported by Home devices. Sources confirm that the previous limitation was just two and the latest firmware version will upgrade its features. Moreover, users claim that the new software makes it even easier for supported devices to comprehend multiple commands this time around.

Experts agree that the update makes it easier for owners to communicate with their devices more naturally.

New Command Strings

According to sources, the Google Home update will supposedly make interactions between the owner and the device more natural. For now, the new features are available for U.S. English settings only, but support for other languages are reportedly in the works.

To make sure that the device can recognize each command clearly, users must use "and" between each query. It seems like the updates are being rolled out in phases but should be available for all supported models in the next couple of days.

The new changes are a welcome improvement to help make conversations between man and machine easier, but it is still a far cry from what Duplex is potentially capable of. Perhaps the technology will eventually reach that level wherein the artificial intelligence can hold a conversation just a like a human being.

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