Here's How You Can Help Families Separated At The Border


Nearly 2,000 migrant children have been separated from their parents at the border thanks to the Trump administration's controversial policy on illegal border crossings.

Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the administration would follow a "zero tolerance" policy, under which people who are caught entering the country illegally will face criminal prosecution and will be separated from their children.

When the parents are prosecuted, and put in jail, children are taken away from their parents and placed into foster care or government custody. At least 1,995 children have been separated from 1,940 adults between April 18 and May 31. Because of this, many people are looking for ways to help the families. Here's what you can do to help them:

Support Advocacy Organizations

There are a number of organizations that support migrant parents who have been separated from their children. For example, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services is a Texas-based non-profit that offers free and affordable legal services to immigrant children and families.

The primary focus of California-based Border Angels is to tackle issues related to the U.S.-Mexico border. Meanwhile, the South Texas Pro Bono Asylum Representation Project supports more than 1,000 unaccom­panied children in detention centers across the state of South Texas.

One can either donate to these organizations or personally get involved and sign up as a volunteer. Some of the other organizations are the American Civil Liberties Union, Young Center For Immigrant Children's Rights, Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project, Kids In Need of Defense, and so on.

Contact Your Elected Officials

If you are looking to help the migrant families, pressurizing nearest elected representatives could also have a big impact. There are a number of bills and resolutions being promoted by senators to prevent family separations at the border, including the Senate Democrats' Keep Families Together Act, and the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act.

Protest Against The Policy

You can also become the voice of the thousands of migrant parents and children by protesting against the current immigration policies and government actions at the border by attending a vigil or rally.

Families Belong Together organizes rallies and vigils in cities across the country to protest against the Trump administration's "tearing apart" of migrant families. By attending one of these events, you can raise awareness about what happens when children are taken away from their parents at the border.

RAICES also allows you to sign up for an online toolkit to help spread the word about family separation. It details how one can organize and attend community events and raise awareness.

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