Apple And Samsung Back Standard For Opening Car Doors With Smartphones, Not Keys


It may seem like science fiction that you won't need a key to open your car door, but that's exactly what tech companies are working on now.

What Is The Car Connectivity Consortium?

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) is a trade group that works across industries to bring auto manufacturers and smartphone companies together. The car companies include Audi, BMW, Lincoln, General Motors, Hyundai, and Volkswagen. The tech companies include Apple, Samsung, LG, Qualcomm, and Panasonic. This represents 70 percent of the global auto market and 60 percent of the smartphone market.

As an organization, the CSS wants to encourage connectivity between vehicles and devices. One of its first initiatives is MirrorLink, which is a standard for operating handsets with the car's dashboard or steering wheel.

What Is Digital Key Release 1.0 And 2.0?

On June 20, the CCC revealed that it will officially publish Digital Key Release 1.0 specification. This new smartphone technology helps users unlock their car doors and start their engines without the use of a key. It also makes it easier for users to share car access with other people who have it in their smartphones, which makes it easier to rent a car.

The CCC's Digital Key Release 1.0 aims to standardize the rules across the industry for smartphones replacing keys. Apple, Samsung, and LG have backed the standard. Digital Key Release 1.0 specification is available now, and it is expected to take off in the market.

With Digital Key Release 1.0 specialization, a user can easily download a digital key onto a smartphone. The technology uses Near-Field Communication (NFC) protocols, which is the same technology used in contactless payments. It works through a Trusted Security Manager system to prevent people from hacking the digital key.

The CCC is now working for Digital Key Release 2.0, which updates and improves that current standard so that it is more accessible among vehicles and smartphones. It is set for release in early 2019.

Other Implications For Cars

The Digital Key 1.0 standard is already being implemented among car makers, such as Audi. In the future, BMW and VW will also offer it for many models. Currently, Tesla and Viper have their own smartphone technologies that also unlocks car doors. The CCC is trying to get these companies to comply with the new standard in the industry. As of June 22, none of the other car makers have revealed when the technology will be rolled on different models. Based on the CCC's projection, car drivers could easily see the widespread use of it by 2019.

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