Should You Jailbreak Your iPhone? Apple Vehemently Says No In Updated Support Page


Apple issued a stern warning for users who may be thinking about jailbreaking their iPhones through an updated support page on its official website.

Jailbreaking allows iPhone owners to take full control of their devices, enabling options such as customizing the user interface, installing unapproved apps, and bypassing carrier and region locks. However, iPhone jailbreaking also comes with several disadvantages, according to Apple.

Jailbreaking iPhone Risks

Apple quietly refreshed its official support page on unauthorized modifications to iOS, which is now dated June 16.

According to the support document, jailbreaking bypass security features that may cause numerous issues. The risks that Apple associated with iPhone jailbreaks includes security vulnerabilities, as the security layers of the iOS that protects personal information are removed. This possibly opens up the device to hacking attacks to steal data and introduce malware.

Apple also said that jailbreaking causes instability, in the form of crashes, freezes, and data loss; a shorter battery life, as the hacked iOS will accelerate the battery drain; and unreliable voice and data connections, including dropped calls and inaccurate location information.

Jailbreaking may also disrupt Apple services such as iMessage, FaceTime, and Apple Pay, as well as third-party apps that use Apple's push notifications. Lastly, jailbreaking may cause unrepairable damage to the iOS, which would mean that the iPhone will no longer receive software updates in the future.

"Apple strongly cautions against installing any software that hacks iOS," the support page stated, adding that iOS devices with unauthorized modifications may be denied service. This is because jailbreaking is a violation of the end-user software license agreement for the iOS.

Why Did Apple Warn Against Jailbreaking?

Apple has long held its ground against iPhone jailbreaking, as the company believes that the risks of a modified iOS greatly outweigh its benefits. However, why did Apple suddenly decide to update its support page on jailbreaking?

Many jailbreak enthusiasts believe that the support document update was rolled out due to the pending arrival of new jailbreaking software for iPhones, as hinted by prolific jailbreaker CoolStar.

However, with or without the new software by CoolStar, the updated support document will likely not sway users who have sworn to the hacking practice.

Will the updated Apple support document really make iPhone owners think twice about jailbreaking their devices? Only time will tell.

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