A New Hampshire police officer shot and killed a fox that attacked a 4-year-old boy while he was playing with other kids outside an apartment complex.

The fox later tested positive for rabies. The child, as well as another man that the fox also attacked, are now receiving treatment for the dreaded disease.

Rabid Fox Attacks 4-Year-Old Boy In New Hampshire

A 4-year-old boy, whose identity has been concealed, was rushed to the Lakes Region General Hospital in New Hampshire after suffering injuries to his arms and a leg. The boy was attacked by a fox, which was acting in an aggressive manner.

"It was a pretty scary thing for the parents and the child," said Sgt. Phil McLaughlin of the Meredith Police Department.

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department conservation offer Joe Canfield, who believed that the fox was rabid, joined the police in searching for the fox. Witnesses said that after attacking the boy, the fox retreated into the woods.

The fox, which was about the size of a small dog and weighed around 10 pounds, was tracked down after a man told Officer Will Goulet that it was hiding under his car and tried to bite his leg. McLaughlin and Goulet chased the fox into the woods, where the animal tried to attack Goulet. The police officer was able to evade the fox and shot it.

Officers then sent the fox carcass to the police station and from there was sent for rabies tests. The fox tested positive for rabies, prompting doctors to provide the necessary treatment to the child and man that it attacked.

Rabid Animal Attacks: How To Protect Your Pets And Yourself

Incidents involving rabid animals have been on the rise recently. Just in June, there have been reports of a rabid bat in Minnesota, a rabid bobcat in Georgia, and a rabid kitten in North Carolina.

It is highly recommended for pets to be given anti-rabies vaccines to prevent them from contracting the disease. If owners are unsure if the vaccinations were properly administered or if they are updated, it would be best to consult a veterinarian.

People, meanwhile, should never approach wild or unfamiliar animals, especially those that are exhibiting weird behavior. These animals should also be immediately reported to the authorities.

Any bite from a possibly rabid animal should be immediately cleaned with soap and water, with the victim rushed to the hospital to receive the necessary medical attention to fight against the fatal disease.

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