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Citizen Scientists Release Study On New Hampshire Tick-Borne Disease

An increase in tick bites is associated with warmer weather, but research suggested that the threat exists all year round in New Hampshire. They also found the presence of a new pathogen among ticks collected by volunteers in the state.

Public Health May 6, 2019

Rabid Fox Killed In New Hampshire After Attacking 4-Year-Old Boy

A fox was shot and killed in New Hampshire after attacking a 4-year-old boy and another man. The fox, which was acting in an aggressive manner, later tested positive for rabies.

Public Health June 26, 2018

Magma Discovered Under New England Might Become A Volcano: Should Residents Worry?

Scientists discovered a massive body of magma rising up from under New England. The activity may one day result in a volcanic eruption, but residents should not worry about a volcano suddenly sprouting up in their backyards.

Earth/Environment December 19, 2017

Puppies From Puerto Rico Test Positive For Leptospirosis

One of 10 puppies brought to the country from Puerto Rico after the hurricane tested positive for leptospirosis. What do you need to know about leptospirosis in pets?

Public Health November 17, 2017

80-Year-Old Woman Gets Attacked By Rabid Bobcat, Needed Up To 60 Body Stitches

80-year-old Elsie Dabrowski from Sunapee, New Hampshire, has suffered bobcat mauling in her own garden. Know what to do and how to stay safe from animal attacks, particularly with rabid ones.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 27, 2017

Former New Hampshire Psychiatric Patient Posts Thousands Of Pieces Of Private Data Online

Officials from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services revealed that a former patient at a state hospital posted thousands of pieces of confidential information on social media. The data breach affects individuals who received services from the DHHS.

Public Health December 29, 2016

‘Death Note’ Scare Shakes New Hampshire High School

High school is always a weird time for anyone involved. Now, a New Hampshire high school is finding the hard way just how impressionable students can be.

Internet Culture October 16, 2015

Clinton Political Advisers Heading To Iowa And NH In Preparation For Campaign

After losing to Barack Obama in 2008, Clinton is not about to let go of these crucial early voting states.

Society March 31, 2015

New Hampshire 100-Acre Property Auction of Ed and Elaine Brown Finds No Bidders: Reason? Booby Traps

Properties once belonging to tax protestors Ed and Elaine Brown are not selling. One of the reasons may be that bombs are possibly still hidden on the land.

Society November 30, 2014

Synthetic marijuana forces New Hampshire to declare state of emergency

The sudden increase in synthetic marijuana-related overdose incidents in New Hampshire, particularly in Manchester, has prompted Gov. Maggie Hassan to declare a state of emergency. Officials are particularly concerned about the Bubblegum flavor of the drug called "smacked".

Life August 16, 2014

Synthetic marijuana or 'Spice' overdose on the rise: NH Gov. declares state of emergency

New Hampshire’s Governor Maggie Hassan has declared a state of emergency after 44 drug overdose cases have been reported. The drug, a type of synthetic marijuana, is known as “Smacked.”

Life August 15, 2014

Marijuana-like drug overdoses NH into state of emergency

The state of New Hampshire has declared a state of emergency over a synthetic marijuana-like drug. The drug, called spice, has already caused more than 40 overdoses.

Life August 15, 2014

Hospital infections in New Hampshire down

Infection rates in New Hampshire hospitals are down, according to a new report - but what does that mean for patients?

Life August 5, 2014

Who you gonna call? HD video camera helps spot ghostly activity in New Hampshire store

Apparitions and lights turning on and off by themselves are par for the course at the Ellacoya Country Store, but this time the pesky poltergeist went over the line smashing a cake dish top. The ghostly activity was captured by the store's camera.

Gadgets March 27, 2014

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