An update to Amazon's Alexa app for iOS is now available and expands its features. Users confirm that voice control is now ready to use.

Delayed But Delivered

Despite its delay, Apple owners can finally enjoy the hands-free control option from the smart assistant. It is a welcome change that supports the online retailer's efforts to make its technology accessible on third-party devices. Reports recall that the company introduced the feature earlier on Android devices in January.

Meanwhile, the developers assured those on the Cupertino firm's operating system that it will enable the functionality soon. After months of waiting, the team finally delivers on its promise a number of months ago. Now, users can enjoy all of what the app has to offer as an alternative to the OS' resident virtual assistant.

Key Differences From Android

Now that voice control is finally working on iOS devices, users can start comparing it to the Android version. The tech industry is well aware of the security limitations imposed by Apple on its mobile operating system and it somewhat turns into a flaw with the Amazon Alexa app. This means iPhone and iPad users cannot change their default smart assistant, which natively locks them within Siri's grasp.

On the other hand, Android's flexible platform permits owners to set their system's default virtual assistant to any compatible program. Therefore, the only way to bypass the built-in program is to manually open the Alexa app. Once activated, people can ask the AI to perform tasks such as music playback, answer queries, smart home control, and other compatible skills available.

Getting Alexa On Almost Anything

As companies compete to put each one's respective smart assistant on almost everything, it looks like Alexa holds a lead in certain markets. Industry observers noted that Amazon's smart assistant is available on more third-party products while Google Assistant comes close with a substantial number of devices. Apple's Siri is currently limited to devices that run on iOS and macOS just like Samsung's Bixby.

On the flipside, Amazon does not really have a foothold in the mobile device market, which is currently dominated by Android and iOS. Therefore, its decision to make Alexa and all of its features available on these platforms seem like a great way to increase its presence.

Still, the new update gives Apple owners another reason to use the app other than to pair and configure Echo speakers. Earlier this month, the developers configured the smart assistant to allow people to play Skyrim: Very Special Edition, which is technically Skyrim minus the graphics and gameplay with voice controls.

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