Doctors Remove 50-Pound Ovarian Cyst From Woman Who Looked 9 Months Pregnant


An Alabama woman who has been suffering from stomach issues and unexplained weight gain turned out to have a giant cyst in her body.

Not Losing Weight And Looked Like She Was Pregnant

Kayla Rahn said that she was having difficulty with her daily activities as a result of the massive lump of tissue, causing her to feel exhausted even after walking to her car.

She was initially advised by doctors that she just needed to lose weight but her efforts were useless. She appeared to be gaining weight even after about a year of trying to lose weight.

She related that she looked like she was nine months pregnant. Somebody even asked her if she was having twins.

When the pain became overwhelming, Rahn's mother took her to the emergency room at Jackson Hospital. A series of tests revealed she has a large mass in one of her ovaries.

The next day, on May 26, doctors performed a surgery, during which they extracted the 50-pound ovarian cyst.

Gregory Jones, one of the doctors who performed the surgery, said that he has seen this before but he was still surprised by the massive size of the cyst.

"This is one of the largest I have ever seen or certainly removed," said Jones. "We are very excited things went well for her."

Mucinous Cystadenoma

Rahn had mucinous cystadenoma. Mucinous cystadenoma is a benign cystic tumor that makes up between 15 and 20 percent of all ovarian tumors. They tend to become very large and may extend up into the abdomen.

Rahn's cyst was undetected for months, but now that the root of her maladies has finally been removed, she said that she is excited to get back to work. She also said that she feels that a huge burden was lifted off of her.

"Thank you to our incredible doctors here at Jackson Hospital for helping," Jackson Hospital said in a statement. "After Dr. Sample made the discovery, Dr. Seirafi and Dr. Jones were able to remove the cyst and got Kayla feeling much better."

Jones encouraged everyone to bring up problems to their physician if they do not get better and to be persistent if they suspect that something is wrong.

Rahn's case is similar to that of Kevin Daly. Everyone thought his large stomach was just beer belly but it turned out to be a tumor the size of a beach ball and weighed 30 pounds. Doctors had to remove one of his kidneys because the tumor was wrapped in his organs.

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